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Planning Publications

Contact our Planning & Development Department to order a publication. For orders under $10, payment is required at the time of order.   Payment can be invoiced for orders over $10.

Summary of Major Residential Applications and Building & Occupancy Permits
Listing of residential applications with status, type and number of applications or by registered residential developments by tenure (includes maps showing location of applications)
Detailed 20 Year Population Forecast

Twenty year forecast of residential units and population by neighbourhood. This publication is also available for download, see Online Publications below.

Street Map
Up to date map showing name and location of streets
Municipal Address Maps - Urban Area
Booklet -in map form- showing properties and municipal addresses
Zoning By-law 3036$50.00
Zoning By-law 2511$10.00
Zoning By-law 3037$10.00
Zoning By-law 2520$10.00


 Online Publication No Charge
Detailed 20 Year Population Forecast

Please note that the original document is formatted to print in ledger size (279 mm x 432 mm).  Adjust your computer's print properties for a custom print size.  This document is best viewed in Adobe '2 page' setting.

 Development Control Design Standards


 Stormwater Management Guidelines