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Downtown Intensification Study

Draft City Centre Urban Design Guidelines

The draft urban design guidelines are intended to guide decisions with respect to development proposals in the City Centre in terms of built form, streetscape and open space design.

Staff will review comments and suggestions, finalize the draft guidelines, and bring them back to Council for endorsement in Fall 2014.

View the Draft City Centre Urban Design Guidelines [6mb PDF]

For any questions, please contact Déan Jacobs or Jeff Brooks at 905.420.4617

Recommended Official Plan Amendment 26, City Centre

City Development staff presented the City Centre Official Plan Amendment 26 and the associated Informational Revision 21 to the Official Plan at the Joint Planning & Development & Executive Committee Meeting on July 7, 2014.

View the Recommendation Report for details, including the Official Plan Amendment, and Informational Revision.

Background Information

To ensure the City is ready to accommodate new development, a Downtown Pickering Intensification Study was undertaken. The program consists of 3 broad components:

  1. Ensuring an appropriate land use framework is in place.
  2. Working with senior levels of government and utilities to ensure required infrastructure is in place.
  3. Working with downtown landowners and potential investors to attract desirable investment.

Final Study Document, June 2013

Additional Information

Learn more about Downtown Pickering in our Living section.