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Adoption Success Stories

Read about the wonderful new lives our animals have been given, thanks to their loving adoptive families.

Share your adoption success story with us!


HopeThis beautiful girl is Hope. When she came to the shelter she was in extremely poor condition. She was severely emaciated and had numerous injuries from dog bites. Some injuries were old and scarred, others were fresh and oozing. Hope was so underweight that she could barely walk. All her bones were visible under the skin. She starved to the point that she was forced to feed off wires and plastic to survive. After numerous visits with our veterinarian and constant care by our shelter staff for approximately 3 weeks, she had already gained 20 lbs! Despite her past, her wounds have healed and she has become the happy friendly dog she is meant to be. Hope has been adopted into a loving and caring home and she continues to heal, gain weight and learn to be part of a family again.


HunterHunter is doing great! He's extremely affectionate and is slowly becoming good friends with our dog. I can't imagine things without him. He is very adept at pushing doors open and loves playing with yarn. Thanks again.


PeanutPeanut has settled in perfectly into our home and has become best friends with our other dog, Benji. Peanut is a smaller version of Benji. We are very happy that we adopted him. We were told Peanut came into the shelter covered in burrs and staff tried their best to get them all out. His ears were terribly matted and he had small sharp pieces between his toes and chin and chest. Peanut is now a little happy Prince and I've gained his trust so I can groom him properly. Many thanks.



BroJust wanted to give you an update on Bro. He is doing fantastic. He is the cutest, sweetest most loving little guy we could have ever asked for. He is growing up to be a very handsome little guy. He loves to cuddle, talk (a lot) and loves to eat and play with his mousie and his sister, Maisie. We are so happy to have him home with us. Thank you!


Hello everyone, just a quick note to say Pluto has adapted nicely. He is the friendliest and cuddliest cat ever and we love him to bits! He is getting a lot of play time and right now he is asleep on my lap. He has won our hearts and he is exactly what we were looking for! Thank you.


Kiva with familyJust a note to let you know how our boy is doing. He has transitioned beautifully in our home and we are all so happy to have him. He and I walked to the groomers/doggy daycare and Kiva got his nails trimmed and met some other dogs. He is my dark shadow at home.  We really feel lucky to have found him. He's hugged and kissed all the time and doesn't seem to mind at all.


Photos of other recently adopted animals

SirEltonJohn.jpg  Beau.jpg  Lucy.jpg Frankie, the dog  Dallas, the dog  Rosie, the cat  Blaze, the dog
Mario, the cat  Tinkerbell, the dog Monty, the dog Daisy.jpg