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Adoption Success Stories

Read about the wonderful new lives our animals have been given, thanks to their loving adoptive families.

Share your adoption success story with us!


Daisy's hair is coming in great. She is very happy here and we just love her. Daisy is an excellent dog, so well behaved. We couldn't have asked for anything better.

Daisy.jpg  Daisy_before.jpg


Lucy.jpgWe have spent a week up at the cottage with her and things are going very well.  We took her mountain biking in Algonquin Park and she ran off leash with us the whole time.  I also took her running and she is great at keeping pace with me.  She is a great swimmer and loves to just swim for no reason at all. We are enjoying her very much and she is getting to know us better every day.


Beau.jpgJust a note to let you know Beau is adjusting well to his new home. He gets along well with his new roommate Fergus (dog) and shadow(cat) and his extended family too there are many.  He loves his human family adults and children alike. We are very lucky to have found him.  Thanks to the people at the shelter they were wonderful.   Diana and Joel

Sir Elton John

SirEltonJohn.jpgWe are so thankful to have Silver, renamed Sir Elton John, in our family. He is a treasure and we love him dearly. He is as was described "majestic" and a "true gentleman." He settled in quickly. He is happy and content and is enjoying life with his new friend Jimmy Dean, our other cat.  If anyone ever wonders about adopting from your shelter it's a decision you won't regret. You will find you need them as much as they need you.

Photos of other recently adopted animals

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