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Adoption Success Stories

Read about the wonderful new lives our animals have been given, thanks to their loving adoptive families.

Share your adoption success story with us!


Dallas, the dogWe want to thank you again for our wonderful adoption experience.  We are in love with our new family member.  He didn't just sit on the bed, he rolled and rubbed in it.  He is very happy, and responsive. It took three long walks and lots of play (in spite of the rain) to tire him out enough to sleep last night. He is much calmer today.  He walked like a pro, and we are so proud of him.  He is settling in to his forever home beautifully.


Frankie, the dogI just wanted to send you a quick update on Frankie.  When I brought him home on Tuesday he was very good in the car and super excited when we got home.  He was full of energy and did destroy some toys (as expected, it was a lot of new stimulation for him).  I am taking him for 30 minute walks in the morning, afternoon and evening, he is great and doesn’t really pay attention to other dogs or people.  He was good in his crate yesterday and was super happy to see me when I got home; lots of kisses and snuggles.  Thanks again.


Rosie, the catI know you see a lot of stray animals, but I thought you might appreciate a quick update on one of your kittens that my husband and I adopted last year.  Her new name is Rosie, and I have to say that she is perhaps the sweetest, chattiest, most playful, and most puppy-like cats you will ever meet! She greets us by the door every day by rolling around on her back, and always insists on licking your face for 5 minutes if you get close enough.  Her playfulness and gentle nature have melted the hearts of a few non-cat enthusiasts in my life.  Thank you again for bringing this beautiful kitten into our lives


Tinkerbell, the dogTinkerbell is amazing and adjusting so well! She is honestly one of the sweetest and most loving dogs I've ever been around. The kids absolutely adore her and she loves them back.  We also love all of her snuggles and kisses.  We had her to the vet to make sure she was ok and he said she was in perfect heath (aside from some tarter on her teeth- which will come off with brushing).  Our family is so blessed to have her. She was the perfect fit. 


Mario, the catMario is doing very well, he's adjusting perfectly! He wants to stay with us and follows us all the time and of course we let him. Obviously he needs a lot of love.  It was a good decision to adopt him!



Photos of other recently adopted animals

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