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Driveway Widening & Curb Cuts


Widening your driveway may become necessary to accommodate all of your vehicles. As the property owner, you can widen your driveway to the property line, but widening it any further to the street requires a permit and curb cut.

What you should know…

When widening your driveway, it is important to consider the requirements of the Boulevard Maintenance By-law.

The City's Boulevard Maintenance By-law 6831/08 regulates any changes made to the municipal boulevard. The boulevard is the thin strip of land which runs parallel to the street and is usually between five and six meters in width.

In addition, thought should be given to where people will enter or exit vehicles and where ice and snow will be placed so as not to impact neighbouring properties.


  • curb cut $39.00/metre, minimum charge is $207.00