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Nutritional Counselling

Start making the healthy choice today!  Pickering Recreation Complex offers personalized programs, workshops and one-on-one counselling to meet your nutritional needs.

Some health plans will cover the cost of nutritional counselling; call your provider to see if you are covered.

Rates (15% discount for members)
$85 initial 1-hour consultation (assessment, goals & action plan)
$40 follow-up appointments

Contact us for more information or to book your consultation with our Nutritionist.

Nutrition Workshops

5 Do's for a New You!

If your New Year's Resolution includes improving your diet, this workshop is for you! Learn the tricks to boost your weight loss and achieve your nutritional goals.
Thursday, January 15, 7-8 pm
Barcode: 77815
Fee: $11.30
* this workshop is being offered for free to all One Week Trial members and current Recreation Complex members. Come in or call PRC for more information.

Labels on your tables

Ever wonder what your food label is really telling you? This workshop teaches you how to read food labels, what to look for in foods, and the advertising tricks that you may be falling for.
Thursday, January 22, 7-8 pm
Barcode: 77819
Fee: $11.30

Carb Crisis

You've heard of the low-carb craze and have even tried following it yourself. In this workshop you will find out that eating carbs is not all that bad, and determine why you need healthy carbs in your diet.
Thursday, January 29, 7-8 pm
Barcode: 77820
Fee: $11.30

Easy Prep for Brain Health

Many lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity can be managed with a healthy diet. Explore which foods are beneficial for not only physical health but brain health as well! Learn which of these foods are easy to prepare and boost that memory for a lifetime!
Thursday March 5, 7-8 pm
Barcode: 77822
Fee: $11.30

Parent and Child Workshops

What's for Dinner?

Kids and their parents can have fun preparing a healthy school-night meal in 30 minutes or less. Picky eaters are more likely to eat food that they prepare themselves. Parents who teach their kids healthy eating habits now can help them to grow into healthy adults.
Thursday, February 5, 7-8 pm
Barcode: 77818
Fee: $11.30

Let's Pack a Lunch

While in school, it is important to support growing bodies and creative minds. In this workshop kids and their parents can learn recipes for easy-to-make, healthy lunches.
Thursday, February 12, 7-8 pm
Barcode: 77816
Fee: $11.30

Snack Attack

The kids are home and they are starving! This Workshop will look at some tasty but healthy pre-dinner snacks for kids of all ages.
Thursday, February 19, 7-8 pm
Barcode: 77817
Fee: $11.30