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Tree Protection


The City's Tree Protection By-law 6108/03 prevents the destruction of healthy trees in the specified tree protection areas, in an effort to protect and preserve the environment.

2014 Spring Yard Waste Program in Effect

What you should know?

A permit is required to remove any tree in a protected area in the City. Protected areas usually run through and adjacent to watercourses and green spaces.  View Pickering's tree protected areas

This By-law is actively enforced at all times by the Durham Regional Police Service, the City's Municipal Law Enforcement Services, and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. Cutting down a tree in a protected area without a permit can result in fines of $1,000 per tree or $10,000 whichever is greater.

You can report any damage to trees in a protected area to our Customer Care Centre.

A General Guide

  • subject to the exemptions below, permits are required to remove trees located in a designated protection area at a cost of $100.00
  • dead, dangerous, diseased or severely injured trees require permits for removal, these permits are $25.00; provided the City's arborist has confirmed the compromised state of the tree


  • permits are not required for trees not located in the designated protection area
  • permits are not required for trees located in the designated protection area if the tree is less than 25 millimetres in diameter measured at a height of 1.5 meters above grade