Mayor Ryan’s Official Statement on Pickering Nuclear Generating Station’s Proposed Extension

Posted on Thursday September 29, 2022

Pickering, ON, September 29, 2022 

“The Pickering Nuclear Generating Station has been an integral part of our community as well as our nation’s energy landscape for over 50 years.  And in that span, it has operated safely and securely with robust emergency preparedness plans in place.  For this reason, the Station has seamlessly blended into our community and has never hindered Pickering’s growth and success.

Since I became Mayor 19 years ago, my relationship with OPG’s leadership and staff has been strong and grounded in clear, transparent, and frequent communications with respect to the Station’s performance and its operations.  Consequently, I am fully confident in OPG when it says that it will be able to continue safely generating electricity until 2026.  The Station maintains the highest standards for operational safety, security, and emergency preparedness, and we can be assured that any proposals for extension will not only meet, but exceed these. 

That said, we have a system of checks and balances in place, which underpins Canada’s nuclear energy program.  Namely, this extension can only move forward with the full support and consent of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).  Without question, its safety and data analysis will be thorough, objective, and science-based.  I am certain that whatever decision the CNSC makes on Pickering, it will ultimately keep our community safe and not expose it to undue risk.

Clean, green, nuclear energy is what we need right now in order to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions while also meeting the burgeoning demands of our post-COVID economy and the electrification of our transportation systems.

Let’s get this done in a safe and responsible manner, so that we can secure a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future for all.”

Dave Ryan
Mayor, City of Pickering



As the gateway to the east GTA, Pickering (population 94,000) is strategically located where Toronto, York and Durham Regions meet. An award-winning municipality, Pickering is slated for significant economic and residential growth; offering an unparalleled quality of life for those who live, work, and play here. Its dynamic City Centre has been designated by the Province of Ontario as both an Urban Growth Centre and Mobility Hub, and continues to evolve as a preferred destination for creative learning, memorable events, and unique experiences at the heart of a vibrant, connected, and engaged community.

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