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Our City Centre is undergoing a dramatic transformation, steadily evolving into a gathering place for residents, visitors and businesses alike.

Extensive public engagement with residents, businesses and community partners has resulted in a new vision for intensifying our City Centre.

 City Council Adopts City Initiated Zoning By-law amendment A06/19

September 23, 2019: Pickering Council adopted the City Initiated Zoning By-law Amendment, Application A 06/19 to amend City Centre Zoning By-law 7553/17.

In general, the amendment was put in place to introduce new definitions for Net Floor Area and Floor Space Index across the City Centre; and on the lands south of The Esplanade South road, to permit residential uses; permit an increase in height for 2 point tower buildings to 121 metres and 97 metres, and to reduce the maximum building height to 22 metres on the remaining lands.

The amendment also permits a rezoning of part of the Pickering Town Centre lands, located on the west side of Glenanna Road south of Kingston Road and north of Pickering Parkway, to permit a maximum building height of 125 metres, except for 1 point tower which may have a maximum height of 153 metres.

 Relocation of Public Services

Fall 2019: Design work is underway to facilitate the relocation of water, sewer and stormwater services, from their current location on Pickering Town Centre property, to the Glenanna Road allowance.

Relocation of these services is required to accommodate significant underground construction, to support the new uses proposed for the City Centre redevelopment project.

 City Issues Demolition Permit

September 18, 2019: The City issued a permit for the first phase of demolition, of interior finishes and associated electrical and mechanical works, located in the former Sears retail space and an adjacent retail wing. Phase 2 of site demolition of the full building envelope for this section of the mall is under review.

Demolition of this retail space is a first step in preparing the mall site for construction of several proposed new uses, including a performing arts centre, a new main branch library, a combined seniors and youth community centre and new residential space.

New City Centre Redevelopment Project 

The City of Pickering and Cushman & Wakefield (property managers of Pickering Town Centre) announced a partnership in 2018 that will see the redevelopment of lands focused on the east side of the mall property, and City lands on the south side of Esplanade South.

Inspired by world renowned public spaces, the project partners plan for an exciting array of new, state-of-the-art buildings and facilities, including a performing arts centre, a combined youth & seniors centre, relocation and expansion of the Pickering Central Library, and residential property, which will all be seamlessly connected via activated and pedestrian-friendly walkways.

Project FAQ

1. How can we stay updated on the project?

The project partners intend to launch a project website, along with a newsletter that will address topics such as traffic and parking, rental information, library updates, senior & youth centre details, arts centre updates and more as the project progresses. This website and newsletter is expected to launch early 2020.

2. What type of residential development will the project include?

The residential component will see a mix of rentals and privately-owned condos, including one 50-storey rental point tower (with the new Youth & Seniors Centre at the base) and two private condominium towers (30 and 38 storeys). Rental occupancy is expected to commence in the summer of 2023. Condominium timing is still to be determined, however there will be a sales centre and pre-construction sales. It is likely that rental occupancy and condo sales will occur around the same time.

3. What is the project size/location?

Please view the conceptual Master Plan illustrating how the project will be developed over time.

  • Youth & Seniors Centre - approximately 63,000 square feet
  • Arts Centre - approximately 37,400 square feet
  • Central Library - approximately 43,000 square feet
  • Urban Square - approximately 2,500 square metres, publicly accessible square between the Youth & Seniors Centre and the Arts Centre

4. What new parking options will be created to support the project?

A 3-level underground parking structure containing approximately 930 parking stalls is proposed for the west side of Glenanna Road. Approximately 350 of these will support the new Central Library, Arts Centre, and Seniors & Youth Centre, while the remaining will be dedicated to the 50-storey apartment.

Underground parking will also be created along Esplanade South to support the two proposed condominiums.

5. What will happen to the existing Seniors Centre?

The City of Pickering currently runs senior programs out of East Shore Community Centre, located at 910 Liverpool Road South. After many years of serving local residents, there are no further structural enhancements that can be done to the facility to ensure it continues to meet the needs of its senior and youth clients.

The City intends to maintain the lawn bowling greens on this site and will release details as the transition progresses.

6. What kind of activities/services will be offered at the new Youth & Seniors Centre?

Our Youth Services include free programs and events that touch on a variety of subjects like sport, recreation, leisure, camps, drop-in programs, after-school programs, entertainment and events, volunteer opportunities, and youth leadership.

Our Senior Services include programs, classes, games, events and workshops for a diverse range of skills and interests in the field of sport, recreation, leisure and art, specifically designed for the 55+ age group.

7. What kind of amenities/services are proposed for the Arts Centre?

This new state of the art centre will have world-class acoustics, great audience sight lines, and comfortable seating. The centre is envisioned to include a 600-seat theatre, with a large lobby for both public/private activities and rehearsal/program space for dance classes, camps, private rentals and more. The Ontario Philharmonic has been named marquee tenant.

8. Does the project involve a land exchange between the City of Pickering and OPB Realty Inc. (owner of the Pickering Town Centre lands)?

Yes, the project involves a land exchange. The City of Pickering will transfer the lands along South Esplanade to OPB in exchange for a combination of title and long term leases sufficient to accommodate the City's new Central Library, Arts Centre, Youth & Seniors Centre and underground parking, all as described in Report CAO 07-19.

To ensure that the City of Pickering is receiving fair value for exchanged lands and contracted works, it retained Independent Project Managers (IPM) to review the estimates provided by Cushman & Wakefield and the draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to obtain an independent peer review.

Report CAO 09-19 details that the City is receiving real estate worth $562,865 more than the lands it is contributing.

9. Why does the Central Library need an expansion?

The Pickering Public Library is an award-winning City facility that provides equitable access to learning resources for all ages. As one of Ontario’s most heavily used Library facilities, the Central Library annually lends almost 1 million items, receives over 515,000 visits, and offers innovative technology and programs to its users.

A Facilities Report commissioned by the Library in 2010 indicated that the Central Library was undersized by 11,000 sq ft. As well, through the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan development, resident engagement indicated that Central Library lacked functional space.

Expanding the Central Library will allow the City to better serve a diverse and growing City.

10. When will construction begin?

A Site Plan Application was submitted for the 3 City facilities, the 50-storey apartment building, and the new urban square. Existing underground services, (storm water trunk, sanitary sewer, and water mains), which run under the Pickering Town Centre lands, need to be relocated to Glenanna Road. These relocation works may commence as early as January 2020. Construction of all municipal facilities is expected to be underway in mid-2020 with targeted completion date of early summer, 2023 for the municipal facilities. 

Council Approved City Centre Zoning By-law

On April 11, 2017 City of Pickering Council approved the City initiated City Centre Zoning By-law 7553/17, dated April 3, 2017.

The new City Centre Zoning By-law amends Zoning By-laws 3036 and 2511 and removes all of the lands within the City Centre from these parent by-laws and creates a new standalone zoning by-law.  The City Centre Zoning By-law proposes new zoning categories, permits a broad range of uses, incorporates new development standards to regulate the size, location, massing and height of buildings, identifies minimum and maximum density provisions, and introduces new vehicle and bicycle parking standards.

The Council approved City Centre Zoning By-law was appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). On February 22, 2018 the OMB issued a Decision/Order approving the City Centre Zoning By-law 7553/17 as of the date of Council passing the By-law being April 11, 2017.

View the City Centre Zoning By-law 7553/17

For any questions regarding the City Centre Zoning By-law and the appeal, please contact Nilesh Surti at 905.420.4617.

Approved City Centre Urban Design Guidelines

On April 11, 2017 City of Pickering Council approved the City Centre Urban Design Guidelines, dated April 3, 2017.

The approved urban design guidelines are intended to guide decisions with respect to development proposals in the City Centre in terms of built form, streetscape and open space design.

View the Approved City Centre Urban Design Guidelines [6.4 mb PDF]

For any questions, please contact Déan Jacobs at 905.420.4617

Approved Stormwater Management Strategy

On January 16, 2017 City of Pickering Council approved the City Centre Stormwater Management Strategy, dated April, 2015.

The approved stormwater management strategy was developed in order to correspond with the vision for the Pickering City Centre. Within the redevelopment context needed to achieve the vision for Pickering City Centre, the objective of the Stormwater Management Strategy was to target enhancement rather than maintenance of existing conditions, given the complex downstream flooding and erosion concerns that exist in the Krosno Creek watershed.

Implementation of the stormwater management criteria for the redevelopment of the Pickering City Centre will ultimately reduce peak flow rates and total runoff volume, which will translate into greater reductions in flooding and flood damage along Krosno Creek south of Highway 401, as well as greater reductions in pollutant loadings and erosion potential.

View the Approved City Centre Stormwater Management Strategy.

For any questions, please contact Irina Marouchko or Marilee Gadzovski at 905.420.4624

Official Plan Amendment 26, City Centre

On March 4, 2015 the Ontario Municipal Board approved the terms of settlement for the City Centre Official Plan Amendment 26 and approved the amendment with minor policy modifications.

Downtown Pickering:

A Vision for Intensification and Framework for Investment

To ensure the City is ready to accommodate new development, in 2013 City Council endorsed a new vision for the City Centre. The vision consists of 3 broad components:

  • Ensuring an appropriate land use framework is in place.
  • Working with senior levels of government and utilities to ensure required infrastructure is in place.
  • Working with downtown landowners and potential investors to attract desirable investment.

This study resulted in the adoption of Official Plan Amendment 26 (OPA 26). 

Final Study Document, June 2013

A Vision for Intensification and Framework for Investment [32 mb PDF]