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Business Costs

2016 Final Tax Rates

Assessment ClassCity Tax RateRegion Tax RateEducation Tax RateTotal
Commercial occupied.00549572.01013738.01135490.02698800
Office (Full).00549572.01013738.01135490.02698800
Industrial (Full).00856498.01579894.01180000.03616392
Large Industrial (Full).00850822.01601387.01530000.03982209

View the 2016 Tax Rates document

Development Charges

ClassPickeringDurham Region
Commercial$ 3.81/sf$ 13.32/sf
Industrial$ 3.81/sf$ 8.69/sf

Board of Education: non residential - no fee.

View the 2015/2016 Development Charges pamphlet

Average price of employment lands $200,000 - $325,000 (per acre)

Hydro Rates

Commercial Monthly Rate (less than 50 kw)

Monthly$ 16.34
Distribution$ 0.0164 /kwh
Transmission Rate$ 0.0064 ¢kwh

Natural Gas Charges

Monthly Charge$70.00
Gas Supply Charge$18.4434
First 5008.4002 ¢/m3
Next 1,0506.6674 ¢/m3
Next 4,5005.454 ¢/m3
Next 7,0004.6743 ¢/m3
Next 15,2504.328 ¢/m3
Next 28,3004.241 ¢/m3

Please contact the City's Economic Development Office for more information on Water and Sanitary Charges, Labour Costs, Real Estate & Building Permits.

Visit our Demographics and Statistics page for more information pertaining to Business Costs.