Tax Rates

View the 2021 Tax Rates. Visit the Property Taxes web page for more information.

Development Charges (non-residential)

View the Development Charges web page for current details.

Hydro Rates

Commercial Monthly Rate (less than 50 kw)

Monthly $ 18.30
Distribution $ 0.0192 /kwh
Transmission Rate $ 0.0111 ¢kwh

Natural Gas Charges

Monthly Charge $78.39
Gas Supply Charge $11.9749
First 500 10.2462 ¢/m3
Next 1,050 8.0713 ¢/m3
Next 4,500 6.5482 ¢/m3
Next 7,000 5.5696 ¢/m3
Next 15,250 5.1347 ¢/m3
Next 28,300 5.0255 ¢/m3

Please contact the City's Economic Development Office for more information on Water and Sanitary Charges, Labour Costs, Real Estate & Building Permits.

Visit our Demographics and Statistics page for more information pertaining to Business Costs.