The Good Neighbour program is an open call for all citizens to nominate a good neighbour whose actions create a vibrant and connected neighbourhood. It is important to recognize the simple acts of human kindness that occur between neighbours, making Pickering a place we are proud to call home.

Who are Good Neighbours?

Good neighbours help to build connections between people and create a sense of community. Good Neighbours can be individuals of any age, couples, or families.

Examples of a Good Neighbour can be:

  • they cut your grass
  • they shovelled the snow from your sidewalk
  • they offered a helping hand when it was needed

Why Recognize a Good Neighbour?

To simply say thank you, and encourage others to lend a helping hand in their neighbourhood. We will feature your story on our facebook page, and send a certificate and letter of appreciation from the Mayor and your Ward Councillors.

How to Recognize Your Neighbour

Either complete and submit your online application, call or email our Customer Care Centre at 905.683.7575, or pick up an application at Pickering City Hall. 

Eligibility Criteria

The nominee:

  • lives in Pickering
  • contributes to a positive community spirit
  • works toward the neighbourhood's well-being and the quality of life in the neighbourhood
  • works to enhance the beauty or safety of their neighbourhood
  • is simply a kind and helpful neighbour whose actions have impacted you personally