The mandate of the Integrity Commissioner is to ensure that the code of behaviour and ethics governing elected officials is objectively communicated and applied. The Integrity Commissioner conducts inquiries into requests made by a member of the public, Council, or a Member of Council, into whether a Member of Council has contravened any applicable code of conduct.

The Integrity Commissioner works with the Legislative Services Division and Clerk's Office to review current policies and procedures, the Code of Conduct of Members of Council and confidentiality, accountability and transparency regarding City Council.

The City of Pickering appointed a new Integrity Commissioner on July 11, 2022 under Report CLK 04-22.

Jeffrey A. Abrams 
Janice Atwood-Petkovski
Telephone: 647.259.8697

Please contact the City Clerk with any further questions:
T:    905.420.4660 ext. 2019


ADM 070 Code of Conduct Policy

Procedure for Complaints under the Council Code of Conduct and Inquiries under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Code of Conduct Formal Complaint Form

Application for Inquiry - Alleged Contravention of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Integrity Commissioner Reports (2022-2026)


Council Member Disclosure Statements (2022-2026)

The 2022-2026 Member Disclosure Statements have been summarized in a table to meet accessibility requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).  Please contact the Clerk's Office if you wish to view the individual Member Disclosure Statements.

Kevin Ashe

 2022-2026 Disclosure Statements

Maurice Brenner

 2022-2026 Disclosure Statements

Shaheen Butt

 2022-2026 Disclosure Statements

Linda Cook

  2022-2026 Disclosure Statements

Mara Nagy

  2022-2026 Disclosure Statements

David Pickles

  2022-2026 Disclosure Statements

Lisa Robinson

  2022-2026 Disclosure Statements

Prior Terms of Council 

Integrity Commissioner Reports

Guy Giorno, Fasken Martineau Dumoulin LLP, was the Integrity Commissioner for the City of Pickering from 2017 to November, 2022. 


2021 & 2022 - No reports were submitted by the Integrity Commissioner

2019 & 2020 IC Reports

2018 IC Report

2017 IC Report

Council Member Disclosure Statements

Kevin Ashe - 2019-2022 Disclosure Statements

Maurice Brenner - 2019-2022 Disclosure Statements

Shaheen Butt - 2019-2021 Disclosure Statements

Ian Cumming - 2019-2020 Disclosure Statements

Bill McLean - 2019-2021 Disclosure Statements 

David Pickles - 2019-2021 Disclosure Statements

Dave Ryan - 2019-2022 Disclosure Statements