Map of Krosno Creek Study AreaThe Frenchman's Bay Stormwater Management Master Plan (FBSWMMP) was approved by Council in 2010 and consisted of a group of projects, programs and policies designed to address issues related to flooding, erosion and poor water quality in Frenchman's Bay and its tributary watersheds.

The FBSWMMP recommended a diversion of flood flows from Krosno Creek to Pine Creek to reduce the flood risk to 79 flood vulnerable buildings along Krosno Creek.

The City has retained The Municipal Infrastructure Group to complete a Schedule C Municipal Class EA to refine the flood risk assessment used in the FBSWMMP and determine the best means of reducing the flood risk along Krosno Creek. The EA will complete an evaluation of several alternatives, including the diversion option, and prepare a preliminary design of the preferred alternative.

Information Available

Please email Engineering Services to request a copy of any of these files

  • Part II Order Request, November 2017
  • Revised Notice of Study Completion, April 2017
  • Project Report Addendum, April 2017
  • Project Report Addendum Appendices, April 2017
  • Notice of Study CompletionFebruary 18, 2015
  • Final Project File Report [PDF 14 mb]
    • Appendix A:  Public Consultation Record [PDF 15 mb]
    • Appendix B: Natural Environment Inventory [PDF 2 mb]
    • Appendix C: Archaeological Assessment Report [PDF 5 mb]
    • Appendix D: Krosno Creek: Model Assembly, Calibration and Flood Simulations [PDF 3 mb]
    • Appendix E: Existing Flood Plain Mapping and Flood Damages [PDF 5 mb]
    • Appendix F: Fluvial Geomorphology Report [PDF 6 mb]
    • Appendix G: Alternative Solutions Details [PDF 4 mb]
    • Appendix H: Geotechnical Investigation Report [PDF 1.5 mb]
    • Appendix I: Preliminary Design Drawings [PDF 8 mb]
  • Public Information Centre #2, May 28, 2014
    • Presentation
    • Display Boards
    • Feedback Form
  • Public Information Centre #1, February 19, 2014
    • Presentation
    • Display Boards
    • Feedback Form
  • Notice of Public Information Centre #1, February 19, 2014
  • Notice of Study Commencement
  • Study Area Map