Privacy & Access to Information

The creation, collection, use and disposition of all corporate records, regardless of medium (e.g. electronic, paper, video, etc.), are governed by the rules set out in the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1990 (MFIPPA).

This Act governs all records in the custody and control of the City regardless of when they were created. The principle of the Act is to promote the freedom of information in the custody and control of the City while protecting personal information (e.g. any information which would disclose an identifiable individual).

The purposes of MFIPPA are:

  • enabling public access to information held by municipalities, with some exceptions, and;
  • protecting the privacy of individuals' personal information.

Any exemptions to right of access will be applied only to specific information.

Informal and Routine Disclosure of Information

To request access to a City record, first contact the Department/Division responsible for that record series. For example,

  • If you are requesting a copy of a Fire Incident Report, contact Fire Services
  • If you are requesting a copy or to view a Building Permit, contact Building Services
  • If you are requesting a copy of a complaint with the City, contact the Customer Care Section.

The individual Department/Division will advise you as follows:

  • whether the record is available for release to you as informal and routine disclosure;
  • if there are any applicable user fees for the information under the City's User Fee By-law; or
  • whether it will be necessary for you to submit a formal access request to the City's FOI Coordinator, due to potential legislative exemptions which may apply for your request.

You can also search the City's website to see if information is readily available online by using the "search" bar located in the top right corner of each webpage.

Formal Request for Information (FOI Request)

If unsuccessful receiving information from a Department/Division, submit a completed formal request form by mail, along with a cheque for the $5.00 application fee, payable to:

City Clerk
Legislative Services Division
City of Pickering
One The Esplanade
Pickering, ON  L1V 6K7 

Applications can also be submitted in person in the Clerk's Office, payable by credit, debit, or cheque. Please be advised that there may be additional costs associated with this request, under Section 45 of MFIPPA.

All applications must include a valid email address. Communications relating to FOI requests are currently being handled through email. Once completed, all records pertaining to your request will be provided to you electronically.

When can I expect a response to my request?

A response to a request will be completed within 30 days unless otherwise notified. An extension of time may be reasonable for certain requests. For example, if a large number of records are needed to be accessed and reviewed to determine if information is available in response to a request.

Will I receive all of the information I have asked for?

The City of Pickering makes every effort to provide you with as much information as possible. However, the Act contains a number of exemptions that may be used to limit the release of information. For example, if a record contains someone else's personal information or commercial information provided in confidence by a third party, the City will likely deny access. When the requested information deals with a law enforcement matter or solicitor-client privilege, the City may also decide to withhold information.

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