Seaton Landowners Group are carrying out a Schedule C Class Environmental Assessment Study (Class EA Study) in accordance with the Phases 3-4 of the Municipal Class EA (2007, amended 2011). This study will address the following three City of Pickering arterial and collector road projects located within the Seaton Community: 
  • Road I - North-South Type C Arterial (Sideline 24) (estimated cost $6.77 million) From Existing Highway 7 to Sideline 22 (Rossland Road) 
  • Road IV - East-West Residential Arterial (north) (estimated cost $5.77 million) North Road to Rossland Road 
  • Road VI - East-West Employment Collector (estimated cost $4.5 million) from North Road to Sideline 22 (Rossland Road)
Map of roads subject to Class EA Study
The roads subject to this Class EA Study are shown in Blue (click to enlarge image).
The Seaton Master Environmental Servicing Plan Amendment (MESPA), dated July 2013 ([issued July 2014] documents the examination of the initial two phases of Municipal Class EA planning for these arterial and collector roads. The MESPA  is available for review on our website.  This Environmental Study Report builds on that study.