The City is undertaking a study to investigate where and to what extent growth and development should occur in South Pickering outside of the City Centre.

Through community roundtables and an interactive online survey in Phase 1 of the study, we asked the community to be the planner and tell us what needs attention in South Pickering and what type of development you would like to see.

The results of the roundtables, the survey, and further background work, indicate that the next phase of the study focus on intensification opportunities in the Kingston Road Corridor.

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Phase 2 of the study (the Kingston Road Corridor and Specialty Retailing Node Intensification Study) is underway, and will identify a new vision and strategy for the redevelopment and intensification of the Corridor and the Specialty Retailing Node.

If you have any questions, please contact Déan Jacobs at 905.420.4617.