The sample bill below provides explanations of information you would find on your property tax bill.

Front of Tax Bill

Sample Property Tax Bill 

  1. Billing Date - date the tax bill was issued.
  2. Property Roll Number - property identification number assigned by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). If paying property taxes by internet or telephone banking, enter your roll number as it appears on your tax bill (no dashes or spaces).
  3. Assessment - Current Value Assessment of your property as determined by MPAC.
  4. City Levy - portion of your taxes supporting City services.
  5. Region Levy - portion of your taxes supporting Regional Services.
  6. Education Levy - portion of your taxes supporting education. 
  7. Final Levies - total taxes for City, Region and Education.
  8. Final Taxes - total taxes including special charges/credits.
  9. Total Amount Due - total amount due including special charges/credits. This amount is divided into your instalments, less amounts already paid. Past due amounts are added to the first instalment due date.
  10. Instalment Due Dates - instalment due dates and associated tax amounts.
  11. Account Summary - summary of your current account status. The Future Due amount includes instalments from this billing and all future instalments from any prior billing.
  12. Important messages about your billing.
  13. Explanation of Tax Changes - schedule showing the change in your taxes from the previous year to the current year and the distribution of the levy charges attributed to the City, Region and Education (as well as changes resulting from reassessment). Schedules for commercial, industrial and multi-residential property tax classes are adjusted for the effect of tax capping or clawback. For properties that were not taxed in the previous year, this section is not applicable.