All in-person City public meetings and open houses are suspended until further notice.

Committee and Council meetings

These meetings are being held electronically.

Register as a Delegation 

Members of the public may provide a verbal delegation to Members of Council via an audio connection into the electronic meeting. To register as a delegate, complete the online delegation form or email A member of the Clerk’s Office will follow-up to confirm your delegation and provide instructions on how to connect to the meeting.

Persons who wish to speak to an item that is on an agenda must register by 12:00 noon on the last business day before the meeting. All delegations for items not listed on an agenda shall register ten (10) days prior to the meeting date (Note: delegations for Special Meetings of Council must relate to an item on the agenda).

During the meeting, the Chair will invite each registered delegate, one by one, to join the meeting via audio connection. Please ensure you provide the phone number that you wish to be contacted on in your delegation request.

A maximum of 10 minutes shall be allotted for each delegation. 

Please be advised that your name and address will appear in the public record and will be posted on the City’s website as part of the meeting minutes.

View the meeting calendar for agendas and minutes.

View meeting videos.