To encourage more sustainable home building in Pickering and across Durham Region, the City of Pickering has created the Sustainable Seaton: Community-Building Series.

The inaugural workshop was such a resounding success, an ongoing series of workshops has been organized to explore the broad and burgeoning spectrum of topics and issues related to sustainable community-building.

Building for the Future

In 2019, the City of Pickering partnered with Seaton Landowners to present a workshop which focused on Building for the Future through creative solutions to address the impact of climate change on the construction industry.

The workshop explored the advantages of tall timber construction, addressed energy and water conservation and helped attendees gain practical insight from builders participating in Enbridge’s Savings by Design program to exceed code by 15%. The workshop also showcased Canada’s first greywater operating system being installed by a production builder in Pickering.


Michael Williams - RWDI/ Sustainable Buildings Canada
Steven Street - Ontario Wood WORKS!
John Godden - Clearsphere/Sustainable Housing Foundation
John Bell - Greyter Water Systems
Diana Sousa - Geranium Homes
Kevin Watt - Icon Homes

Workshop Attendees

Speaker Group

Energy Collection, Storage, and Distribution

In 2017 the City once again partnered with the Seaton Landowners to present a workshop focused on Energy Collection, Storage, and Distribution.

Industry experts provided an overview of solar panel technology and energy storage systems. A panel discussion took place with respect to Canada's first neighbourhood microgrid project that is currently being planned for Pickering. The project consists of state-of-the-art control systems, as well as two-way power flow to the grid.

The Province of Ontario introduced enhanced energy efficiency measures to the Ontario Building Code this year.  As such, Pickering's workshop series is helping to facilitate dialogue and educational opportunities within the building community.

Through the promise of Seaton, the revitalization of our City Centre and other key developments across Pickering, our overarching goal is to become a leader in urban sustainability.

Leonard Allen - Solera Sustainable Energies Company Ltd.
Mike Schnarr - MPOWER Energy Solutions
Craig Marshall - Marshall Homes
Fulguni Shah - Veridian Connections
Vivek Somasundaram & Hari Suthan - Opus One Solutions
David Teichroeb - Enbridge Gas Solutions Incorporation
Alan Clarke - iGEN Technologies

2017 Sustainable Seaton Workshop

2017 Sustainable Seaton Workshop

Net Zero Energy (NZE) Housing

In 2016 the City of Pickering partnered with the Seaton Landowners to present the inaugural workshop which focused on Net Zero Energy Housing.

With Building Code amendments in mind, the inaugural workshop on NZE Housing explained how to meet and hopefully exceed these benchmarks. A broad and diverse array of public and private sector industry experts educated attendees on everything they needed to know about NZE Housing - from building science principles to analyzing the current and future Ontario Building Code requirements.

The overarching goal of NZE Housing is to replace non-renewable energy sources used in the majority of homes such as natural gas and electricity, and replacing them with solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate climate change.

Sonja Winkelmann - Canadian Home Builders' Association
Kirk Johnson - EnerQuality
Andrew Oding - Building Knowledge Canada Inc.
Chris Thompson - Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Jennifer Weatherston - Reid's Heritage Homes

2016 Sustainable Seaton Workshop