Canada's Gas Tax Fund is a permanent source of funding for municipal infrastructure. It is predictable, long-term and stable, and is helping Ontario's municipal governments address a massive, province-wide infrastructure deficit while improving environmental sustainability and creating jobs and economic growth.

Municipalities can provide this funding to projects that promote cleaner water, cleaner air, or reduced green house gas emissions and help address a massive, province wide infrastructure deficit.

Each year the City's annual capital and current budgets includes projects funded at least in part through this program.

Outcomes Report:  The Municipal Funding Agreement for the transfer of federal gas tax revenues under the new deal for cities and communities requires municipalities to demonstrate measurable environmental outcomes.

An Outcomes Report must be completed and submitted to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario for each project completed by the City of Pickering under this program. Contact us to obtain a copy of any Outcomes Report.

Cumulative Expenditures Funded 2006-2019

 Categories  2019 Annual
Cumulative 2006-2019
Broadband Connectivity $139,099 $139,099
Capacity Building $188,830 $560,591
Community Energy Systems  516,579 15,708,247
Local Roads  & Bridges  1,877,191 12,164,217
Public Transit  0 933,682
Recreation 667,946 911,963



 Total  $3,389,645 $30,670,267

For more information about Federal Gas Tax (FGT) visit Gas Tax at Work, which profiles all the GTF projects funded since 2005 and their outcomes.

For additional funding information, please see our Federal/Provincial Funding page, and our Digital Signage for Federal Gas Tax Projects page.