The City of Pickering is developing new Integrated Sustainable Design Standards for all new development in the city to replace the 2007 Sustainable Development Guidelines.

Developing a new set of standards will allow the City to review development through a lens that includes modern green best practices and technology.

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On November 22, 2021 City Council meeting, staff received approval to begin the process of updating the City’s Sustainable Development Guidelines for new development and re-development. The standards, first created and implemented in 2007, positioned the City of Pickering as a leader in sustainable building and development. These 2007 Sustainable Development Guidelines identified required and optional sustainability elements for neighbourhoods as well as subdivision plans, site plans, rezoning applications and building permits.  

Since then, green development practices have evolved and it’s important that these guidelines reflect the innovative green best practices and technology of today, as well as the work being done by both the City and Region of Durham to address climate change, support urban forests, pollinators, waste reduction, water conservation, energy efficiency, and improve access to local food and greenspaces.

This work will be funded through The Atmospheric Fund (TAF), as the City received an $86,000 grant. The Region of Durham will also contribute $10,000 to support these efforts. With this funding, the City has retained Urban Equation Corp., a consulting firm with significant expertise in the field of sustainable community building, to lead this exciting project.
Project Status

The Integrated Sustainable Design Standards will be completed in four phases:

Phase 1: Launch and first draft of Integrated Sustainable Design Standards.

The City is currently within Phase 1 of the development of the new standards.

Phase 2: Content development and second draft of Integrated Sustainable Design Standards.

Phase 3: Final Integrated Sustainable Design Standards to Planning & Development Committee and City Council for consideration of approval.

Phase 4: Other Resource Tools and Training Workshops released. 

Reports, Videos, and Other Documents 

Project Initiation:

Report PLN 43-21

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