The City has approved an amendment to the Pickering Official Plan by adding new policies and mapping, and revising existing policies and mapping, to implement the Council-endorsed Kingston Road Corridor and Specialty Retailing Node Intensification Plan. This amendment will apply to lands generally located along the Kingston Road Corridor, excluding the City Centre, and also apply to lands within the Specialty Retailing Node, east of Brock Road, north of Highway 401, and south of Kingston Road.

Official Plan Amendment 38 is part of a multi-phased process, which is required to implement the necessary policies and land use regulations for the City of Pickering to comply with the Province’s Growth Plan, A Place to Grow.

Kingston Road Intensification Map

View the Study Area map (Feb. 2022)

Your City Magazine - Spring 2022 Article - Kingston Road Corridor Intensification

Phase 1

In 2006, the Provincial Growth Plan required the Region of Durham and the City of Pickering to develop and implement a strategy and policies to accommodate projected growth, primarily through intensification of the existing urban/built-up area of the city. To bring its Official Plan into conformity with the Growth Plan, the City undertook a series of amendments addressing different geographic areas being: Seaton, Duffin Heights, the City Centre, and the remaining lands in the South Pickering outside the City Centre (South Pickering Intensification Areas).

In 2015, Phase 1 of the South Pickering Intensification Study was initiated with an innovative engagement program to obtain community input where and to what extent growth should occur outside of the City Centre.

The results of the Phase 1 consultation were weighed against the policy and planning framework of the City’s Official plan and found to be consistent with Plan’s current directions of intensification along corridors, maintaining stable neighbourhoods, and improving the mix of uses, walkability and quality of design, as development and redevelopment occurs.

The results of the community engagement exercise and background information work lead staff to conclude that Phase 2 of the South Pickering Intensification Plan should focus on the Kingston Road Corridor as the main area for intensification outside the City Centre.

South Pickering Intensification Study – Vision and Strategy Phase 1 Reporting and Work Program for Phases 2 and 3 (2016)

Phase 2

The Kingston Road Corridor and Specialty Retailing Node Intensification Study kicked off end 2017, and included 3 Focus Group sessions, various Public Agency sessions,  2 Community Open Houses and 1 Public Workshop, and consultation with the Cultural Advisory Committee and the Accessibility Committee. The study concluded in December 2019 when Council of the City of Pickering endorsed in principle an Intensification Plan and Draft Urban Design Guidelines for the Kingston Road Corridor and Specialty Retailing Node Study Area, and authorized staff to initiate an Official Plan Amendment to implement the vision and Intensification Plan for the Corridor and Node.

Kingston Road Corridor and Specialty Retailing Node: Intensification Plan (2019)

Kingston Road Corridor and Specialty Retailing Node: Draft Urban Design Guidelines (2019)

Phase 3

The preparation of Official Plan Amendment 38 (OPA 38) to the Pickering Official Plan, started early 2020, and the formal planning process, as prescribed by the Planning Act, was initiated later with an open house in October, 2020 and a statutory information meeting in early November, 2020. Public notification regarding the open house and statutory public information meeting included a notice in the local newspaper for two consecutive weeks, and notices to all land owners within the defined planning area (properties within the Intensification Study area) and all land owners within 150m thereof.

The recommendation report regarding OPA 38 was considered by the Planning & Development Committee of Council on November 1, 2021 and again by Council on November 22, 2021, when Council approved OPA 38 but directed staff to provide supplementary information in response to certain matters raised by members of Council, as well as the by-law to adopt OPA 38, at a future date.

Phase 4

In January 2022, Council considered report PLN 06-22 containing the supplementary information required by Council, and adopted OPA 38.

Upon City Council’s adoption of OPA 38, staff from the City Development Department forwarded all material related to the amendment to the Region of Durham for their review and final approval.

The City Development Department has established a monitoring program to track changes within Strategic Growth Areas in the City, including the Kingston Mixed Corridor and Brock Mixed Node Intensification Areas and the City Centre. An annual report will be provided to Council and made available to the public.

The Region consulted the City of Pickering regarding any further changes or modifications to OPA 38, as a result of the Region of Durham’s review. Any member of the public that has requested to be added to the interested parties list for this amendment will be notified of the Region's decision.

The Region of Durham approved OPA 38 on November 4, 2022.

City Initiated Official Plan Amendment 38: Kingston Mixed Corridor and Brock Mixed Node Intensification Area (2022)

Phase 5 (Next Steps)

The Region of Durham approved OPA 38 on November 4, 2022.

The approval of OPA 38 was subsequently appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT).  A hearing date with the OLT has not yet been scheduled.

City staff will prepare the required City initiated zoning by-law amendment to update the land use regulations for the properties within the area. This zoning by-law amendment will establish maximum heights on a site by site basis, as well as other detailed matters such as setbacks, parking requirements, etc. During the zoning by-law amendment phase, staff will undertake further community engagement.  At this time, a definitive timeline for the zoning process has not yet been set.

Until the City initiated zoning by-law amendment is adopted, any development proposals within the area will still require the submission of a development application which will include mandatory public consultation, and Council approval.

Proposed Developments

February 2022

DeveloperAddressProposalCommercial Space Proposed (Square Feet)
Sorbara Group 603-643, 645, 699 Kingston Road
  • 8 apartment towers ranging 18-42 storeys
  • 4 blocks of 4-storey stacked townhouses
  • 2,884 residential units in total
71,903 SF
Smart Centres 1899 Brock Road
  • Phase 1 includes 3 residential towers ranging from 25-32 storeys (922 units)
  • Phase 2 includes 2 residential towers ranging between 29-32 storeys (677 units)

Phase 1: 14,488 SF

Phase 2: 25,005 sf

Brock & Kingston Holdings Inc. 1970 Brock Road
  • 3 towers ranging from 12-34 storeys
  • 25, 3-storey townhomes
  • 860 units
15,393 SF

More Information

For more information related to official documents and reports regarding the City-initiated Official Plan Amendment, please visit the application page for Kingston Mixed Corridor and Brock Mixed Node Intensification Areas.

If you have any questions, please contact Déan Jacobs ( or by telephone at 905.420.4617.