Name of Study Seaton Community Master Environmental Servicing Plan
Brief Description


The Master Environmental Servicing Plan (MESP) is expected to address the following matters:
  • Water source protection
  • Water balance
  • Erosion sensitivity of watercourses
  • Maintenance and enhancement of aquatic habitat
  • Stormwater management
  • Municipal service requirements (water, sewers and stormwater)
  • Transportation system, including crossings of the natural heritage system;. Non-municipal utilities (such as hydro)
  • Preliminary servicing cost estimates
  • Major community facilities and trails
  • An energy and water management strategy
  • An environmental monitoring program
Consultants Sernas Associates
  • A Phase 1 MESP (Existing Conditions) report was completed in August 2008.  This report summarizes existing conditions data and inventories and includes: data and analysis of the aquatic communities, fluvial geomorphology of streams, terrestrial commutes at existing and proposed road crossings of the Natural Heritage system, site geology and hydrology, hydrology and hydraulics, existing municipal services and the existing transportation system within Seaton.
  • A Phase 2 MESP Report was completed in July 2010.  This report documents the findings of all MESP analyses of surface water and groundwater assessments, wetlands and woodlands assessments, a stormwater management plan, transportation and servicing concepts, fisheries compensation framework, community facilities recommendations, phasing, monitoring and future study requirements.
  • An amendment to the Phase 2 MESP Report, now termed the Master Environmental Servicing Plan Amendment (MESPA) Report was completed in December 2011.  This report provides updated analyses responding to agency comments on the Phase 2 MESP Report.
  • A revised MESPA was completed in February 2013.  Due to comments received on the December 2011 MESPA, a revised MESPA was prepared to document changes and provide clarification.  This report supersedes the December 2011 MESPA.
Other Comments The MESP must be completed prior to, or concurrent with, the first Neighbourhood Plan.


The study is being undertaken by the Seaton developers' group - North Pickering Community Management Inc.


The Region of Durham will be conducting an Environmental Assessment for the major trunk water and sewer infrastructure, as well as major transportation infrastructure.
Information Available

November 2014

Master Environmental Servicing Plan Amendment


December 2011

Master Environmental Servicing Plan Amendment [Executive Summary only]


April 2010

Public Information Centre #3 (40 Exhibits)  [PDF 36 mb]


July 2009

Seaton Development Energy Management Plan


August 2008

Existing Conditions - Report [PDF 38 mb]
Appendices to the report are available for viewing at the Planning & Development Department, Pickering City Hall.


June 2007

MESP Terms of Reference

Contact Information Reg Webster - Sernas Associates
Ross Pym - City of Pickering
Last Update to this table November 2014