Name of Study Seaton Natural Heritage Management Plan & Master Trails Plan
Brief Description The Final Report includes a Natural Heritage System Management Plan, a Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Resources Management Plan, a Master Trails Plan and an Implementation Strategy for the components of the natural heritage system.


The Natural Heritage Management Plan provides a guide to ensure natural heritage values are protected over the longer term.  The Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Management Plan provides a guide to manage cultural heritage features and landscapes and includes a strategy for an interpretive plan.  The Master Trails Plan proposes a trail system to link the Seaton Neighbourhoods and the larger regional trail system and open space network.  In addition, a capital budget provides an estimate of capital costs for the proposed natural heritage system restoration and trails system construction.  A monitoring program is also included to monitor the state of the natural heritage system over the long term.


Finally, a set of recommendations is included respecting roles and responsibilities for the implementation of all of the recommendations of the Final Report.


The appendices to the Final Report include records of the steering committee, First Nations, community and stakeholder meetings and the consultants' responses to comments received in the study consultation program.  Significant technical and background data is also included.
Consultants Schollen & Company Inc. as lead consultant, with sub-consultants (North-South Environmental, Archaeological Services Ltd. Consulting and others).
Status The Final Report was released October 2008 and provides advice to the Province and others.
Other Comments The Natural Heritage System remains in the ownership of the Province of Ontario.
Information Available The Final Report and Appendices are available at the Planning & Development Department and at any branch of the Pickering Library. A digital copy may be obtained, upon request, from the City of Pickering Planning & Development Department. Excerpts from the report are provided below.


Contact Information Tim Haldenby - Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
City Development - City of Pickering
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