Frequently Asked Questions

Is it confidential and safe?

Yes. The City's bank handles all of the payment transactions. Access to your account is limited solely to withdrawal of monthly/instalment tax payment funds as authorized.

What if I pay my taxes through a mortgage company?

You can contact your mortgage company to ask if you can join the Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan.

What if I sell my property?

Simply notify us in writing stating the closing date of the sale. We will ensure that the deductions stop at the appropriate time. We will require notification 15 days prior to the next scheduled withdrawal date.

Can I withdraw from the plan?

Yes. To withdraw from the plan, at anytime, write to the City of Pickering Taxation Section stating your decision to cancel and your tax account will revert to the regular instalment billing system. To cancel a payment, the City must receive your written request 15 days prior to the next scheduled withdrawal.  

Pre-authorized Tax Payment Cancellation Form 

What if I change my banking information?

Simply notify us in writing 15 days prior to the next scheduled withdrawal date and provide a new void cheque.

Pre-authorized Tax Payment Banking Information Change Form

What if I miss a payment?

If more than 1 monthly payment in a year is dishonoured by your bank for any reason, your enrolment in the plan may be cancelled and your tax account will revert to the regular instalment billing system. Your tax account will be subject to the standard penalty and interest charges and collection procedures. A service fee will be applied to your account in response to the returned payment.  Written notification will be sent to you when an item has been returned by your financial institution.  It will be your responsibility to replace this amount by cheque, upon receipt of this letter.

What if there's not enough money in my account on the due date?

Many banks and other financial institutions offer an overdraft protection service, which will protect you if there are insufficient funds in your account to cover the monthly tax payment. Contact your bank for more information.


Your final tax bill will be mailed to you once the tax rates are finalized.  This bill will be sent to you for your information only and will contain your payment schedule for the entire year.  Please retain it for income tax purposes, as no other will be issued.

Pre-authorized Tax Payment Application Forms