The City of Pickering has initiated a review of the Sign By-law 6999/09.

The purpose of this review is to:

  • reduce the number of repetitive variance applications;
  • respond to common issues;
  • provide clarification for enforcement of the Sign By-law;
  • ensure consistency with the Region of Durham’s Sign By-law; and,
  • respond to current trends.

Current Sign By-law

The current Sign By-law 6999/09, as amended, was passed by Council on November 16, 2009.

The objectives of the Sign By-law are:

  • Reasonable means should be available to the public to erect signs on property in order to identify facilities, businesses and services located thereon.
  • Signs should not create any distraction or safety hazard for pedestrians or motorists, or create any other danger to the public.
  • Signs should not create any adverse impacts on adjacent public or private property.
  • Signs should not detrimentally alter the physical appearance and architecture of any building.
  • Signs should not create unnecessary visual clutter due to their size, number or location.
  • Temporary signs should be strictly limited in order to limit the visual impact on the built environment and the consumption of resources.

Proposed New Sign By-law

Sign By-law Review Summary Document

Draft Sign By-law

Get Involved


Staff have released the Proposed New Sign By-law and are looking for your feedback. Please provide any comments or questions to Amanda Zara Dunn via email at


Electronic Public Open House

The City hosted an Electronic Public Open House on December 8, 2020 to receive public input on the proposed New Sign By-law.


Public Open House

The City will be hosting an in-person Public Open House to receive further public input on the proposed New Sign By-law.

Date:          July 17, 2024

Time:          6:30 pm to 8:30 pm (drop-in) 

Location:   Pickering Civic Complex Lobby, One the Esplanade


Email your comments and questions - Alternatively, you are invited to email with comments or questions in advance of, or following the Open House Meeting.