Name of Study Wetlands Water Balance Study - Seaton Lands
Description The purpose of this study is to anticipate and mitigate the potential impacts of land use changes on ground and surface water resources, through the use of a three-dimensional groundwater flow model.
Consultants Morrison Environmental Limited
Status Completed March 27, 2008
Other Comments The Province is leading this work, and it is being done in concert with the Master Environmental Servicing Plan (MESP).  The water balance study provides important background information for the MESP.


More specifically, the study shall address the following matters:


  • quantification of the sensitivity of the affected aquifers, aquitards, and groundwater-fed wetlands and streams, in relation to proposed land use change
  • identification of the relationship between land use changes, and local and regional ground water recharge dynamics and path flow regime
  • where necessary, provision for the mitigation of potential development impacts on private wells, groundwater flows, and steam and wetland water quality and quantity through the establishment of quantitative and/or qualitative hydrogeological targets or performance standards
  • where necessary, identification of requirements for the on-going monitoring of groundwater conditions and contingency strategies for mitigating negative impacts that may be identified over time
Information Available Executive Summary [PDF]
Figure 1 [PDF]
Contact Information David Sit - Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
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