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Planning & Development

City of Pickering
One The Esplanade
Pickering, ON L1V 6K7
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The Official Plan

A Guide to Community Building in Pickering

An Official Plan is a statutory document which sets out the land use policy directions for long-term growth and development in a municipality. Municipalities in Ontario are required to adopt Official Plans to guide growth and development that will implement the Ontario Planning Act and other relevant legislation and regulations.

The Durham Regional Official Plan provides the overall framework for Pickering's Official Plan.

Pickering's Official Plan

View the City of Pickering Official Plan- Edition 6

The Official Plan includes schedules of land uses, transportation systems and resource management, and addresses the following land use designations:

  • Residential
  • Mixed Use
  • Employment
  • Agricultural
  • Open Space
  • Study Area

While the Official Plan establishes policies for long-term growth, it is periodically reviewed to ensure that it continues to meet the changing economic, social and environmental requirements of the municipality.

Amending the Official Plan

The Ontario Planning Act and its Regulations include a process which allows a Council or an individual to request an amendment to the Official Plan at any time.

The process provides notice to those who might have an interest in the proposed amendment, allows people to provide input to Council on a proposed amendment, and provides an opportunity to challenge a Council decision at the Ontario Municipal Board.

A number of amendments have been made to the Official Plan since Council adopted it in 1997, resulting in the current Pickering Official Plan, Edition 6, dated February 2010.

The City is currently conducting a review of the City's Official Plan and will be updated through a series of individual amendments.

Visit the City of Pickering Official Plan Review for more information.

Compendium Document to the Pickering Official Plan

The Compendium document contains Development Guidelines for urban neighbourhoods within Pickering that require further guidance on what and where development should occur.

The Development Guidelines address but are not limited to:

  • detailed land use mix and arrangement
  • scale and intensity of use
  • transportation network
  • community design requirements
  • servicing arrangements

Development applications, including subdivision, rezoning, site plans and building permits must conform to the direction provided by the relevant guideline.

Please see the following for more information on the area specific development guidelines.

Compendium Documents:

Part I - Area Specific Development Guidelines

NeighbourhoodDevelopment Guidelines  [file size shown if over 500 kb]Section No.
1.  RosebankRosebank Neighbourhood Development GuidelinesA1
2.  West Shore  
3.  Bay RidgesLiverpool Road Waterfront Node Development Guidelines   [1.3 mb]
Bay Ridges Plaza Redevelopment Guidelines  [1.7 mb]

4.  Brock Industrial  
5.  Rougemount  
6.  WoodlandsNortheast Quadrant Development Guidelines   [785 kb]F1
7.  DunbartonDunbarton Neighbourhood Development GuidelinesG1
8.  Town CentreWalnut Lane Area Development Guidelines 
Town Centre West Development Guidelines   [2.6 mb]
Pickering Downtown Core Development Guidelines   [1mb]
9.  Village EastSpecialty Retailing Development Guidelines   [664 kb]
Notion Road Development Guidelines   [852 kb]
10.  HighbushHighbush Local Node Development GuidelinesJ1
11.  Amberlea  
12.  Liverpool   
13.  Brock RidgeDuffins Precinct Development Guidelines  [519 kb]M1
14.  Rouge ParkRouge Park Development Guidelines  [593 kb]N1
15.  Duffin HeightsDuffin Heights Development Guidelines  [2 mb]O1

Part 2 - General Development Guidelines

For more information about land-use planning, please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website:

Hardcopies of the Pickering Office Plan and Compendium Document

Copies of the Pickering Official Plan and Compendium Document are available for purchase or for viewing at the Planning & Development Department. Copies are also available for viewing at the Public Library, or by opening the files below.  These documents may be downloaded free of charge.

Please contact us for further information on the Pickering Official Plan, and/or for information on the Amendment process.