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Waterfront Coordinating Committee


The Waterfront Coordinating Committee provides a forum for ongoing discussion amongst the various groups, agencies, interests and individuals involved in projects and initiatives along the waterfront, to help coordinate the implementation of approved waterfront projects, to provide technical advice and assistance on waterfront issues, to provide assistance in waterfront funding sources and fundraising efforts.

2 Members of Council
8 Citizen Appointments

Appointments (Term ending November 30, 2014)
Councillor Doug Dickerson
Councillor Jennifer O'Connell
Jim Berry
Kathleen Corcoran
Jim Dike
Keith Falconer
Maureen Robbins
Patricia Short-Gallé
Jean Veronneau
Sean Wiley

Mayor Dave Ryan (ex-officio)

Meeting Minutes

Use our search tool to easily locate Minutes & Agendas for this term of Council only (2010 to current).