Cycling, whether for work or leisure, is a great way to get out and explore all that your City has to offer. Cycling provides increased mobility and accessibility opportunities for riders of all ages, and with more people opting for this smart commute transportation, it is important that cyclists and motorists are properly educated on the rules of sharing the road.

Please see the Ontario Ministry of Transportation for information on the following:

  • Safety Equipment: properly sizing your bike, safety checks, helmets, and seat and handlebar adjustment
  • Handling Skills: gear selection, braking, and proper signalling
  • Riding in Traffic: following the rules of the road, signs and traffic signals, how to share the road with other vehicles
  • Obstacles and Road Surfaces: railway and streetcar tracks, surface and weather hazards
  • Cycling and the Law: the Highway Traffic Act as it relates to cyclists
  • What's new: E-bikes: Power assisted bike rules

Sharing the Road

The Durham Regional Police has provided a summary of the need to know rules and regulations for pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists sharing the road. It includes safety tips and related charges and fines under the highway Traffic Act. View presentation.

Pickering Parks By-law

The City of Pickering's Parks By-law 5495/99 regulates, protects and controls all public parks in Pickering. When it comes to cycling in parks, unless there are signs prohibiting the activity, cyclists can ride on any trail up to a maximum speed of 20 kilometres per hour.