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About the Band: Interdisciplinary artist Jurgita Žvinklytė and musician/luthier Matti Palonen met in 2019, and quickly discovered their cultural connection through music and story-telling. The Honeypaw sound combines a respect for the Lithuanian sutartinė and the Finnish kalevala traditions, while also reflecting the urban landscape around them in Toronto, Canada. They play traditional instruments including the Baltic psaltery, known as kantele in Finland, and kanklės in Lithuania. They also create music on stringed instruments installed into hollow trees. The name Honeypaw comes from the traditional names given to the bear because the original name was though to bring bad luck. The music of Honeypaw has been heard on national radio including the CBC in Toronto, and Ukrainian Radio in Kyiv.  

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'Need Some Koi'

About the Artist: Shakkoi, also known as, "Need Some Koi", is a multi-talented facilitator, spoken word artist, author, a dance choreographer and performer, for over 5 years with C-Flava. She put her passion for words to print by self publishing two poetry books, titled, The Poetic transitions from a Hot Head to a Conscious Queen in 2018, and The Conscious Queen; Volume 1 Featuring the After Dark Edition in 2020. Shakkoi graduated from the University of Toronto, with a degree majoring in sociology and minoring in African and media studies. In 2020, after she saw the need for communication during such a critical time, she created a program called Floetry Fitness that encourages Black people to express themselves verbally through poetry. While promoting movement through dance workshops for everyone else. With plenty of experiences to share, Shakkoi's unique and raw approaches to storytelling through movement and poetry reminds us that everyone needs some Koi in their lives.  

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"Need Some Koi" will be hosting a Poetry Workshop following the release of her poetry pieces.  Click here for information.


Jadea Kelly

About the Artist: Described by CBC as 'one of the shining jewels in the crown of Canadian songwriters' Jadea Kelly spends her time writing and living between Ontario and Los Angeles CA. In 2019 she received 'Best Score & Music' accolades from the Hollywood Independent Documentary Awards for her MWI EP (the official soundtrack for 'Met While Incarcerated the Film' / Documentary Channel).  In 2016 she was awarded 'Contemporary Singer of the Year' at the Canadian Folk Music Awards for her heartfelt 2016 release 'Love & Lust'. Its featured single 'Beauty' was placed on the Lifetime Network feature 'No One Would Tell' and the 2017 CBC Rio Paralympics. Jadea grew up in Whitby, ON and known amongst Durham Region for her work with local metal band Protest the Hero (Kezia).

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Spoken Word Poetry Workshop

 Watch the workshop 

Join spoken word artist, “Need Some Koi”, Shakkoi Hibbert, as she examines her poetry performances entitled "Message to my Anxiety”, “The Silence Between the Raindrops”, and “It's About Me”.

The poetry workshop will dive into mental health, and how “Need Some Koi” has coped through her writing and understanding of emotions by having healthy tools to reflect on them.  These topics will be explored together with participants.  


Steafan & Saskia

About the Artists: Saskia, (from Canterbury, Kent), & Steafan, (from Belfast), met last century, in a session at Whitby Folk Festival.  They moved to Ontario in 2007 with their 3 children, bringing with them a wealth of musical talent and experience. Saskia’s musical abilities on bowed strings are wide ranging, from classical to Celtic, to Django-jazz, to songwriter accompaniment.  Steafan wrote the tutor books: “The Bodhran Book” and “The Low Whistle Book”, which are still best sellers in their fields; and as an ethnomusicologist, he plays a mind-boggling variety of instruments.  He is the Irish piper on “Friends, the one with Ross’s Wedding”. When not playing and teaching music, Steafan works as a freelance technical director for companies such as Jumblies Theatre. They have recorded on over 60 albums for other artists, and brought out their first duo album last year called “Moorchild”.  They developed the music for the Broadway hit, "Come From Away”. Together they play mostly Irish music with a twist of “world”, and storytelling.  

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Sadio Sissokho & Diely Mori Tounkara

About the Artists

Sadio Sissokho: Born in Senegal to a family of musicians, story tellers, historians, singers and dancers, collectively known as griots, passing on their art from father to son since the 14th century. Sadio Sissokho’s roots are richly embedded in the Mandingue culture,  Son of the famous Senegalese griot Banna Sissokho (kora, guitar, chant) and Goundo Kouyate (singer), Sadio learned to play music as he learned to walk and talk.  Surrounded by musicians of all types, Sadio’s first academic formation was in percussion, from the National School of Music, Conservatory of Dakar.  He later followed in his father’s footsteps, adopting the kora as his preferred method of expression.  After his music brought him on extensive travels throughout the world, he settled in Canada and enjoys collaborative projects and fusing his traditional music with many different styles. Sadio is a member of the JUNO award winning Okavango African Orchestra.

Diely Mori Tounkara: Born into a family of Malian griots, Diely Mori Tounkara followed in the footsteps of his father by becoming an undisputed master of the kora. He learned not only how to play the instrument, but also learned a wide repertoire of traditional Mandingo pieces. He studied guitar, following the teachings of his brother, Djeli Mady Tounkara, the acclaimed guitarist for the Super Rail-Band of Bamako. Diely Mori composes his own music and, combined with the classical pieces of Mandingo culture, has created a rich and original fusion, a beautiful mixture of the deepest traditions with a more contemporary personal repertoire.

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