About the Artwork

The Community Canvas is a collage that was created through community collaboration. 150 panels of artwork to celebrate 150 years – three of Tom’s paintings were chosen to be broken down into a 50-square template for the Pickering community to create their own original piece. The Pool, The West Wind, and Autumn Foliage which is the community canvas piece featured in the library at the Dr. Nelson F. Tomlinson Community Centre. Starting on the first day of Canada’s 150-year celebrations in 2017 at the Mayor’s Levee, the project was first started. It ended up being featured at many city events that year, until all 150 spaces had been completed. After the initial painting of all the squares by members of the public, more layers of texture were added to give more depth to the piece. And to finally complete the work, residents of Pickering were invited to add their favourite Canadian quotes, song lyrics, or messages. The Community Canvas can be found inside the Claremont Library.

The artwork “Community Canvas” located inside the Claremont Library, Claremont.

The artwork “Community Canvas” located inside the Claremont Library, Claremont.

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About the Artist

This artwork was created as a community collaboration.

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