Image of the sculpture “Dreamscape” by Edward Falkenberg located at Pickering Town Centre, Glenanna Blvd., Pickering

About the Artwork

"Dreamscape" is a towering art piece located at Pickering Town Centre, Glenanna Blvd., Pickering made by Edward Falkenberg in 1999. As a part of the Paradise Revisited series, it is the largest piece in this series, standing with a total of 17 feet (5.2 metres) of stainless steel, resembling a utopian treehouse. The Paradise Revisited series is meant to portray the childhood viewpoint on the world. Youthful aspirations and a utopian future with infinite possibilities. Using the childhood iconic concept of a treehouse, this work builds off of the imaginative worlds that a child’s brain can conjure up. Simple, yet perfect. Dreamscape was made as a result of Falkenberg winning a four-artist competition for the honours of being placed in Pickering Town Centre, a major shopping mall, in Pickering, Ontario. The work is still standing in place ever since.

About the Artist

Edward Falkenberg grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. His father, a renowned denturist and ceramist, had a basement full of tools and woodworking equipment. This provided a creative place for Edward to develop his skills. After completing high school, Edward worked in the engineering office of a heating, ventilating and air conditioning company for a year. Upon the company's suggestion he took a mechanical drafting course at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and Art. Edward excelled in his classes and showed a flare for drafting and design. After graduating he took a job in a wholesale plumbing and heating supply company designing hot water heating systems. Anxious to be more creative and keen to work with his hands he moved to Toronto and enrolled at the Ontario College of Art. Since then Edward has been producing artwork in various shapes and sizes, and has exhibited his work nationally, internationally and as part of private collections. Currently, Edward works out of his Claremont studio.

To learn more about the artist, visit Edward’s website.

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