Pickering is home to a number of parks, forests and trails that offer something for the most adventurous at heart to those looking to slow down and catch a moment of serenity. Pickering is saturated with natural beauty and whatever the season, it has never been easier to connect with your outdoors.

Altona Forest

This 53 hectare forest is designated as an Environmentally Significant Area due to its ecological and historical importance. It's a great place for bird lovers and photographers, as the abundant wildlife is something to be admired; song birds, coyotes, hawks and rare amphibians to name a few.

Rouge Park

Rouge Park is one of the largest parks in an urban area in North America. Here, camping, sandy beaches and nature hikes make it hard to believe you are so close to a bustling city. Tucked in between Pickering and Toronto, the sounds, smells and views offer a peaceful refuge from the busy urban pace. Fishing, canoeing, swimming and camping are a few of the ways you can spend quality time with family and friends while reconnecting with your outdoors. Rouge Park has recently been adopted under National Parks status in an effort to better preserve and enhance this beautiful area. Visit the Rouge Park website for more information on what the park has to offer.

Waterfront Trail

Pickering's Waterfront offers some of the region's best surfing and kite boarding, as well as miles of pristine hiking trails and bicycle paths. Wind your way in and out of the sandy shoreline, lush meadows, and vast wetlands as you absorb all the magical sights this waterfront gem has to offer. The Pickering Waterfront is part of a 900 km trail, running along the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River from Niagara-on-the-Lake to the Quebec border. Travel the trail today! Check out more must see waterfront spaces!

Seaton Hiking Trail

Located along the West Duffins Creek, this 12.7 km trail is home to a number of historic hunting and fishing routes along the creek. A few challenging climbs and tracts of varying difficulty make this a great place for hiking, cycling and cross country skiing. Visit the Friends of Seaton Trail for more information.

Petticoat Creek Conservation Area

Petticoat's 70 acres of park offers cycling, walking and running trails as well as a state of the art aquatic facility that is opening in 2012. 11 picnic areas and astounding views of the bluffs make this a great spot to set up for the afternoon and enjoy a cool breeze over lunchtime snacks.  Visit the TRCA website for more information.


Pickering is home to many waterways that are excellent for recreational fishing.  We encourage everyone to follow best practices to ensure wildlife are not injured, the environment is kept clean, and everyone has a positive experience. 

See our Fishing page for information on the following:

  • Clear your Gear Fishing Line Receptacle Program
  • Fishing Etiquette
  • Trumpeter Swans and other Waterfowl
  • Fishing Resources 


Pickering has a wide selection of beautiful and magnificent courses, with over 16 to choose from - book your tee time now!