Ernie L. Stroud Ash Bench

Image of the "Ernie L. Stroud Ash Bench" by Blair Baker located at Ernie L. Stroud Park, 549P Steeple Hill, Pickering.

About the Artwork

This 92-year-old ash tree was cut down from where it originally stood, because of an infestation of Emerald Ash Borers living inside of it, killing it. As an invasive species originating in north-eastern Asia, these insects could have devastated the ash tree population in Pickering. These insects were removed, but the rest of the tree’s trunk was still intact enough to be of some use. And so, with a bit of creatively-positioned carving in the trunk, it was turned into a bench that could be still used in the same park in which the tree first grew. 

About the Artist

“I grew up on a farm in Schomberg, Ontario where I discovered and cultivated my talent for woodworking. It was there where my strong work ethic was nurtured, and has stood with me throughout the years. In the course of my career I have built silos, barns and entire homes. For 15 years I was the head carpenter for a company in the set building industry where I worked closely with talented designers to create sets for television. But what I enjoy most is designing and transforming a vision - a description, a simple sketch into a piece or space that you will cherish.”

To learn more about the artist, visit Blair’s website.

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