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Guest Speaker Presentations

Let us share the magic of our local history with you and your group through an entertaining, interactive presentation. We invite you to come to the Pickering Museum Village or have our staff come to you! Presentations can be provided in classrooms, dining halls, lounges or gymnasiums.

Contact us to book your presentation today!

The following will provide you with a brief description of each presentation, including prices. Mileage costs may apply for locations outside of Pickering.

Rebellion Was in the Air

Price $120, 1 hour presentation
Through this presentation you will learn about the rebellion of 1837 through one of the protagonists of that time, Peter Matthews.

You will also get a glimpse behind one of the Museum Village's award winning theatrical productions, "A Spirit Walk: A Call to Rebellion", which showcases the events leading up to the rebellion and its aftermath.

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rules the World

Price $120, 1 hour presentation and $250, 2 hour presentation
Our costumed interpreters trace the development of the women's movement in the 19th and early 20th centuries through a dramatic skit and power point slide show. Take the journey from the stirring speeches and songs of the Temperance movement, through the gradual entry of women into the workforce and on to the struggle for women's suffrage.

It's Adam's Ale or Tea for Me!(A Sober Look at the Temperance Movement)

Price $120, 1 hour presentation
Our costumed interpreter will trace the development of the Temperance movement in Ontario by means of a power point presentation, some stirring "speechifying" and a little audience participation.  By the end of it, some may even wish to sign the pledge!

Rural Runway 1810-1910

Price $120, 1 hour presentation
Learn the definition of true vintage clothing. Compare your personal style with the fashions of the 19th and early 20th centuries as our costumed interpreter explores what ordinary, everyday people wore. As the costume mistress at PMV she will bring along some vintage clothing for viewing.

Heritage Gardening

Price $120, 1 hour presentation
Our heritage gardener will take you on a power point slide tour of our many authentic heritage gardens, discussing the development of rural gardens in Upper Canada from survival gardens to the more leisured pursuit of ornamental plantings.

Time for Tea

Price $120, 1 hour presentation
Learn the history of tea from our costumed interpreters. Let the aromas and tastes guide you as you sample black, green, and/or oolong varieties typical of the 1800s in Pickering Township.

Stepping Through Time

Price $120, 1 hour presentation
Learn some of the popular moves of the late 18th and 19th century from our Stepping in Tyme Dancers. They will provide your group with an entertaining and informative, customized presentation in social dance through the following: 

  • costumed dances for entertainment
  • optional active participation during demonstration by audience
  • lessons in period dancing
  • brief historical talk of various aspects and development of social dance, accompanied by demonstration.  

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss your group's particular needs and we will put together a package to suit your requirements and site of presentation. Price and booking dates may vary according to customizations and availability or interpreters. Prices include tax. Mileage fee is applicable.