Winter Nights, City Lights will also feature a temporary art installation by artist Casey Watson, courtesy of the Experience Ontario Grant.

Casey’s work “Look Up!” will be installed on November 10, 2023, inside the main lobby at CHDRC and it will remain on site until November 27, 2023. The work will be officially unveiled during the opening night of Winter Nights, City Lights on November 24, 2023.


About the Artwork

Look UP

"Look Up!" is an immersive installation consisting of multi-coloured balloons, creating a disco daydream. These paper balloons are coated in a metallic colour-changing film that reflects facets of light throughout the space. This installation represents a future of optimism, imagination and reflection.

Mixed media, 2021


About the Artist

Casey Watson

Casey Watson is a Toronto based installation artist who uses a variety of materials to create truly unique and often larger-than-life works. Watson manipulates flat surfaces like paper as a sculptural medium and is known for transforming environments with bold forms and dynamic lighting to create captivating immersive spaces.

To learn more about Casey, visit her website here.

This project is funded by the Experience Ontario Grant.

Experience Ontario Grant