To celebrate 25 years of our award-winning production, A Spirit Walk: Call to Rebellion, we've created and compiled a series of videos and resources listed below. Learn about the events that led to the Rebellion of 1837 and how Pickering took part.

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Hannah Cast

List of Hannahs

Emer McCarthy-Wilson
Patty Seaton
Marianne Froehlich
Julie Oakes
Karen Kowalchuk
Jo-Anne Adams
Understudy : Barb Pleva

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Costumer Confidential

Costumer Confidential: 1830s Fashion

What was being worn in Pickering Township during the time of the Rebellion? Take a peek at men’s and women’s fashion trends of the time.

Year of the Rebellion

Year of the Rebellion

What was the 1837 Rebellion about? Watch here as we explore the story of the early Canadian government and the people’s discontent. See how their actions and sacrifices led to our current form of democracy.

A Family Story

Prisoner Box

The Rebellion of 1837 was a turbulent time in Canada's history. Asahel Hawley Scott was one of the men who followed the local Rebellion captain, Peter Matthews, to Montgomery's Tavern in Toronto on December 6, 1837. Step inside to see how that decision changed his life, and the future of Canada.Read the story of the Rebellion Box he crafted in prison as a memento to his family.

The Rebellion Interviews

The Rebellion Interviews

Pickering Township was very involved in Wm. Lyon Mackenzie’s ill-fated attempt to overthrow the government in December 1837. With the help of our talented Backwoods Players Theatre Company, we’ve interviewed six key figures connected to the Rebellion of 1837, and Pickering in particular. Learn details about the rebellion, straight from the lips of people who lived those times.