In the past we have put together exhibits to offer our guests a look at artifacts that are not ordinarily on display in our heritage buildings.  If you think you’ve seen all there is to see at the museum village, check out these virtual versions of our past temporary exhibits:

spy in tke sky

Spy in the Sky!

Learn about the experiences of Milton N. Pegg as a pilot in the First World War. Maps, photographs and artifacts illustrate his amazing journey with the Royal Flying Corp.

Read The Story of Pickering’s WW1 Pilot Milton N. Pegg. For more information, contact Ellen Tayles


Auguste Toulmouche - VanityThrough The Looking Glass

Was there anything that men and women at the turn of the century would not do in the name of fashion and beauty? Explore historic beauty trends, fashion follies, and their consequences.

Read Through the Looking Glass. For more information, contact Ellen Tayles



A Family Story: The Rebellion Box of Asahel Scott

Prisoner Box

The Rebellion of 1837 was a turbulent time in Canada's history, and Pickering's founding fathers played a significant role.  Asahel Hawley Scott was one of the men who followed the local Rebellion captain, Peter Matthews, to Montgomery's Tavern in Toronto on December 6, 1837. Step inside to see how that decision changed his life, and the future of Canada.

Read Family Story: The Rebellion Box of Asahel Scott. For more information, contact Ellen Tayles.