Haunted Durham 2021

It is easy to hear a good ghost story when asking any of the staff or volunteers at the Pickering Museum Village. In fact, there are so many that the museum has put together a haunted walking tour that takes guests through the village and 200-year-old buildings at night. Take a guided walking tour of the historic village and hear stories from the past that still haunt us today.  Learn about paranormal investigations that have found evidence of spirits and ghosts and hear stories of past tragedies that took place in these buildings. Then listen as a guide tells you all the different paranormal encounters staff and volunteers have experienced.

Haunted Walks and Sprit Walks 

Saturday evenings in July and August
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings in September and October

Address- 3550 Greenwood Road, Greenwood Ontario

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Port Perry sign
Theatre on the Ridge

A not for profit, professional, collaborative company in which committed artists can produce high quality work in a broader scope of theatre and storytelling in the Region of Durham

Our popular Scary Story Walk returns this year with more tales of the macabre, supernatural and suspenseful. Our guides will safely escort you on an evening walk around downtown Port Perry where our story tellers will be waiting at various locations to entertain and unsettle you with local, Canadian and classic tales seasoned with a little fright and a lot of fun.

Dates- Friday & Saturday evening, October 29th & 30th, 2021

Address- 175B Queen St., Port Perry (Scugog Arts Space)

Tickets- theatreontheridge.ca

Lynde House Museum building and sign
The Lynde House

Lynde House Museum is the oldest home in Durham Region, and played a significant role in the War of 1812. Operated by the Whitby Historical Society, it showcases the history of Whitby’s early settlers and Indigenous population.

There have been a number of sightings at Lynde House, and so far they’ve all been friendly! Numerous guests have mentioned feeling the presence of a lady and gentleman at the top of the main staircase, smiling down at the guests below. Others have seen the hem of a large hoop skirt from the corner of their eye as they walk up the stairs, but when they turn to look more closely, nothing is there. Once, two of our maintenance team clearly heard a lady’s voice calling in a cheerful fashion, “Hello!”, as they were working in the basement. They went upstairs to discover all the doors were still locked from the inside and no one else was in the house.

Address- 900 Brock Street South Whitby, ON L1N 4L6



Robinson House
Oshawa Museum

For over 60 years, the Oshawa Museum (OM) has celebrated our City’s history with engaging events, inspiring exhibits, and an extensive collection of archival materials. Comprised of three historic houses, Henry House, Robinson House, and Guy House, one of our commonly asked questions is, "Are your houses haunted." Why not find out for yourself?

One staff member recalls:

“One evening, my co-worker ran over from Robinson House and demanded that I come lock up with her. Knowing that the houses can be a little bit creepy at night, I didn’t think much of it, but asked her why anyways – her urgency made me very curious about what had freaked her out.

She started asking me if I remembered this one girl who had been in my first group, and if she had acted strangely. My co-worker then proceeded to tell me about how the same girl had walked into Robinson House and instantly gone white as a ghost. Throughout the majority of the tour, she looked as though she was about to pass out. My co-worker had asked the girl if she was alright a few times, and the girl always replied she was fine. It wasn’t until the tour was over and the Guides were given a chance to have a look around on their own that the girl had gone up to my co-worker and asked her if anyone had died in the house. My co-worker said, “yes, probably” as lots of people had lived in the house since it was built. The girl then told my co-worker that she was very sensitive to spirits and she could feel a very heavy presence in the house, somebody who had died in that house, and they didn’t seem very happy.

We locked up very fast that night.”

Address- 1450 Simcoe St S, Oshawa Ontario

Uxbridge Historical Centre building and grounds
Uxbridge Historical Centre

The Uxbridge Historical Centre (UHC) is a community museum and archives on a 5-acre site overlooking the beautiful Uxbridge Valley and Oak Ridges Moraine.  The UHC is a steward for a collection of over 6,000 artifacts and 10 buildings that preserve the history and heritage of Uxbridge Township.

There are two buildings in particular on this site that have had some very strange occurrences the Quaker Hill Public School and the Gould-Carmody House.  

The Gould-Carmody House was built in the late 1850s. The house is two floors and hosts permanent exhibitions of a 1920s-30s era home that is heavy with hints of a ghostly presence. Staff and visitors often report hearing footsteps and doors slamming on the second floor when there are no others in the building. When explored for security purposes, there have never been any people discovered in the building. Public works staff who work evenings and overnight have reported numerous times to the UHC that they have seen the upstairs lights turn on and off throughout the overnight hours – when no one is at the museum.

No one living . . . that is.

Although programs are on hold now due to COVID-19 check back in the fall for ghost tours (pending covid restrictions)

Address- 7239 Concession Rd 6, Uxbridge, ON

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