Pollinators Sculpture 1

Pollinators Sculpture 2

Images of the sculptures “Pollinators 1 & 2” by Ron Baird located in The Esplanade Park, Pickering

About the Artwork

The Pickering Pollinators are twin sculptures made by Ron Baird located The Esplanade Park, Pickering. Standing at around 7.5 metres tall, these two metal bouquets stand on either side of the western entrance to the Esplanade Park, being put in place in 2020. The creator, Ron Baird said of these structures, “I love the park and the sculptures are meant to bracket the western entrance, like place markers or book ends. They are flowers of a heroic scale growing in flowerbeds. They are perches for birds. On close examination observers may discover some bees and the sculpture honours these pollinators on which our life depends.” Meant to celebrate the pollinator insects, these fantastical flower sculptures hold many metal blossoms, with butterflies and bees on top of each one. These sculptures are made from stainless steel, due to how tough the material is, and the metal was mirror-polished to “reflect the sunlight in the day and streetlights at night.”

About the Artist

Baird is one of Canada’s most renowned sculptors having executed over 300 public, corporate and private commissions. His works are recognized because they often celebrate the accomplishments of others. Dedicated to emergency workers, the generosity of donors, Canadian peace-keeping efforts, our history-makers, our First Nations, his works are in many public parks, churches, synagogues, community centres, libraries, and government buildings, not only in Ontario, but across Canada.

To learn more about the artist, visit Ron’s website.

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