New public art coming soon!

“REFLECTIONS” by Studio F Minus will be installed at Esplanade Park later this year as part of Phase 2 - Meditation, Mindfulness and Music.

Photo Gallery: Public Art - Reflections will appear here on the public site.

In response to the pandemic, Phase 2 of the Esplanade Park project will include a Meditation, Mindfulness and Music Park to provide a public space for people to practice self-care and reflection. The park will include sensory plantings, accessible seating, and playable music instruments. There also will be a new public artwork, ‘Reflections’ by artists Studio F Minus, that will further tie into the overarching theme of mindfulness and meditation.

Pickering’s community was impacted significantly by COVID-19, in particular, the families of victims of the pandemic; those living in long term care - Orchard Villa; our first responders; and front-line workers. These members of our community will be recognized and remembered through the elements of this Phase 2 Esplanade Park project and through the new public artwork.

About the Artwork

“Reflections” is a highly engaging yet intimate work of public art that feels incomplete. Among an intriguing array of mirrored panels that force you to take a look yourself from different perspectives, sits a solitary void to the open sky. The sculpture marks the lives of those we lost to COVID-19 and examines themes of loss, grief, self-reflection, and how they each require time.

About the Artist

Studio F Minus' creative process is driven by two core principles: considering the public experience, and capturing public values. Because each site we create for is different, each of our artworks is unique.

To learn more, visit Studio F Minus website.

Funded by: Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario; Canada