"REFLECTIONS" by Studio F Minus

This landmark project, located at the north east corner of Esplanade Park, will provide space for residents and visitors to relax, reflect and immerse themselves into tranquil musical tunes.

Photo Gallery: Public Art - Reflections will appear here on the public site.

In response to the pandemic, Phase 2 of the Esplanade Park project includes a Reflections Garden to provide a public space for people to practice self-care and reflection. The park includes sensory plantings, accessible seating, shade structure and playable music instruments. There is also new public artwork, ‘Reflections’ by artists Studio F Minus, which further ties into the overarching theme of mindfulness and meditation.

Pickering’s community was impacted significantly by COVID-19, in particular, the families of victims of the pandemic; those living in long term care - Orchard Villa; our first responders; and front-line workers. These members of our community are recognized and remembered through the elements of this Phase 2 Esplanade Park project and through the new public artwork.

About the Artwork

“Reflections” is a highly engaging yet intimate work of public art that feels incomplete. Among an intriguing array of mirrored panels that force you to take a look yourself from different perspectives, sits a solitary void to the open sky. The sculpture marks the lives of those we lost to COVID-19 and examines themes of loss, grief, self-reflection, and how they each require time.

About the Artist

Studio F Minus' creative process is driven by two core principles: considering the public experience, and capturing public values. Because each site we create for is different, each of our artworks is unique.

To learn more, visit Studio F Minus website.

Funded by: Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario; Canada