Same Material/Different Time is a temporary light-based public art installation by artist Jordan Shaw.

The work is on exhibit at  Millennium Square from now until January 31, 2024, and will be re-installed for three consecutive years.

This project is part of the Council approved event Winter Wonderland at Millennium Square, in collaboration with local Nautical Village businesses.

Same Material/Different Time


About the Artwork

The symbolism and references to the sailing and nautical community as well as the holiday season with Christmas trees, are further interconnected by Millennium Square‘s proximity to the Rouge River and valley. This region connects the symbolism of the sail and coniferous tree through a history of logging in the 1800s where “... European pioneers logged many of the area’s tall, straight white pines as a source of lumber for ship masts. Logs were floated down the river to Lake Ontario and eventually sent to shipbuilding yards in Europe.” [Parks Canada]. Through an anamorphic perspective, viewers can experience the transformation of trees into sails connecting the area's history to the present. Further tying these shapes into the holiday theme is that each structure of the installation is inlaid with addressable LEDs and animated with custom software to resemble the twinkling of Christmas Tree lights.

Same Material / Different Time is an analog interactive light installation (12’ W x 12’ L x 15’ H) that invites participants to explore the physicality of their surroundings and experience the transformation of a tree to a sail using a technique called anamorphic projection.

Same Material / Different Time aims to change the traditional role of the individual when interacting with technology by creating an interactive sculpture that allows the viewer/participant to own their own experience with the artwork through an anamorphic perspective. Through this, the participant can rediscover their relationship to the physical world and reconnect with the tangibility of the physical world as they reflect on their use of technology during the pandemic and what lies ahead post-pandemic.


About the Artist

Jordan ShawJordan Shaw is an artist and creative technologist. As a MFA graduate from OCAD University’s Digital Futures program, his work spans mediums ranging from strictly digital to interactive physical environments. He explores themes relating to the influence of technology in popular culture and the predefined expectations society has about their relationship with computers, technology, and the future. The manifestation of his creative output transpires through projects that focus on communicating the invisible, yet very physical components of technology and how these unnoticed pieces of technology impact, influence and alter our behaviour and surroundings.

To learn more, visit Jordan’s website.