Pickering Pioneer Family

Image of the sculpture “Pickering Pioneer Family” by Andreas Drenters located at Pickering Civic Centre, Esplanade Park, Pickering

About the Artwork

"The Pickering Pioneer Family" is a work of art by Andreas Drenters located at Pickering Civic Centre, Esplanade Park, Pickering. Sculpted metal into human-like figures, the family consists of a father, mother, son, and daughter. Each person holds something in their hands. The father holds the Pickering Crest, the daughter holds a toy ball, the boy holds a toy boat, and the mother holds a Canada Goose. The people are made from iron, and their clothes from copper, and everything else is a mix of found materials and objects pieced together. This sculpture is indicative of the family unit as a whole. The parents sit on either end of the row, protecting their children. A framework around them indicating the togetherness of the family.

About the Artist

Andreas Drenters grew up on a farm in The Netherlands during the Second World War. His father was an inventor and blacksmith which allowed Andreas to play with hand-forged agricultural objects from the 16th and 17th centuries. In the early 1950’s Andreas and his family moved to Canada where they continued to farm. Andreas was quickly drawn to the variety and quality of pioneer agricultural machinery and continued to make things. Currently, Andreas has made over several thousands of metal sculptures of various sizes and themes.

To learn more the artist, visit Andreas’ website.

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