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Vision, Mission, Values & Goals

Our Vision

Engaging communities through innovative, fun, and vibrant living history.

Our Mission

Pickering Museum Village welcomes our guests to explore and experience our cultural heritage. We dedicate our buildings, artifacts, and programs to inspire a broader appreciation of life in our communities from 1810-1920.

Our Values

  • accuracy of interpretation
  • access to all
  • welcoming guest experience
  • respectful workplace

Our Goals

  • to engage and strengthen community connections by:
    • building, enhancing, and engaging community partners
    • expanding and developing our site to support our mission and improve guest services
    • using new technology solutions to engage all sectors
  • to build professional practice and sustainability of our Collections and Conservation by:

    • increasing funding and revenue
    • fully representing and preserving Pickering's history from 1810-1920
    • ingraining and establishing museum best practice, preservation, conservation, and sustainability
  • to build on our expertise in the areas of Education and Interpretation by:

    • building and sustaining educational partnerships
    • enhancing volunteer experience and skills development
    • building and broadening programming to deliver our mission
  • to create a focused approach and partnerships with Marketing and Tourism by:

    • building and developing a marketing plan
    • raising awareness and increase attendance through access and partnerships with tourism sectors
    • improving facilities and amenities for guests