About the Artwork

The mural represents the 1929 collapse of the Whitevale Bridge in the centre, and on each side are the flora and fauna associated with the valley of West Duffins. The central image is taken from a photograph of the collapsed bridge in 1929. Salmons are shown spawning in West Duffins. Either side has images of the wildlife around Whitevale and west Duffins: red-wing blackbird, great blue heron, mallard, blue jay and cardinal, a monarch butterfly on a milk weed plant and a snapping turtle.

Whitevale Mural Artwork

The "Whitevale Arts and Culture Centre Mural" located outside the Whitevale Arts and Culture Centre in  Whitevale

About the Artist

The creation of this artwork was led and developed by the artists Don Anderson, Carol Farquhar, Dianne Fordham, Elsa Finlayson, Sadie Finlayson, Chris Kahn, Brigitte Sopher and Vanessa Taggart.

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