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Adoption Success Stories

Read about the wonderful new lives our animals have been given, thanks to their loving adoptive families.

Share your adoption success story with us!


TrapperJust wanted to give you a brief update on Pete/Trapper.  He's doing just wonderfully. He is an absolute dream at home. Gets along with everyone (4 legged). The cats have no worries with him. It took a while but Sunday he started running around the yard playing with Stormie (our other dog). Trapper loves being petted, stroked, fondled constantly which has been great arm physio for our son. We will definitely be getting him Therapy Dog titled so they can do volunteer work at Sick Kids and other hospitals. Trapper already knows how to give a paw and he knows his 'down' command as well. Thanks for taking him in and for looking after him until we were able to be united.


TiggerI just thought I'd give you an update on Tigger. First, let me say that he deserved a name better than that of second banana to a teddy bear, so in view of his regal status around here, he now answers to Arthur (as in King Arthur!)

Everyone has adjusted better than I could have hoped. Arthur has staked out his preferred lounging areas which include the counter bar stools in the kitchen, giving him a kitty's eye view of our two budgies...which he only tried to get at once and after a "scat cat" hiss from me, he has not tried again. He selected one of our guest bedrooms for his nighttime cat naps and frequents the rocking chair in the sunroom for morning sun tanning. He enjoys a good basement or garage investigation but is never gone for long. He's a great fit, thank you!

I took him to my vet last Friday and his sugar was perfectly normal. I'm keeping him on the diet canned food for a bit just to make sure all is well, but my vet thinks he can switch to more easily accessible quality food soon.

Asia & Kenya

KenyaAsiaBoth cats are doing awesome and are settling in nicely. Asia has made herself right at home, while Kenya is taking her time to figure us out. I did manage to snap a photo of Kenya this morning before she took off back upstairs to her hiding spot under the spare bed! She was downstairs after the kids got on the school bus for a few pets on the love seat with me, while it was quiet in the house. The girls love them and follow them around with a brush. Asia loves to be brushed. The first morning they were here my daughter woke up at 6:30 am to play with the cats, usually I have to coax her out of bed to get to school!


KodaKoda is a wonderful girl. She is energetic and full of love. She walks great on the leash and listens to commands well.

She has been given a clean bill of health by the vet and is now up to date on her shots. We had a visit today for her final shot, they were happy with the increased sheen in her coat, and she has gained 0.6 kg. She just loves the ball you sent her home with! She will play with it by herself and then all of a sudden do laps around the yard with BLAZING SPEED AND AGILITY!

Thanks to all you and your team do for the animals and for giving our family and Koda a perfect match.


PippinWe adopted Pippin hoping that he would become friends with our cat Hobbes (Cheeto) who we adopted previously.

He has found a friend in Hobbes and they get along very well and play all the time with each other.

He is the happiest cat today. Thanks again.




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