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Adoption Success Stories

Read about the wonderful new lives our animals have been given, thanks to their loving adoptive families.

Share your adoption success story with us!


OliverOliver and KatieWe are absolutely delighted to have Oliver in our home. He met his vet yesterday and everyone loved him and told him he's in for an awesome life. Ollie has a housemate, our 19 year old cat Katie, whom I've had for 18 years. His purring hasn't stopped, he's a great bed sharer and sleeps with us all night, making sure he shares the love so neither of us feels left out. Thank you again to everyone at the shelter, you've made us such happy kitten parents!


Shimmer aka "Charley Shimmer" is settling in very well. On our way home from the shelter we both commented on her charcoal coloured fur, and not wanting to lose her original name altogether, we decided naming her Charley Shimmer short for Shimmering Charcoal.

Charley ShimmerShe is very playful and her favorite toy is the little pink fish with shiny blue fins you provided with her package. Our vet also indicated that she would be a long haired cat. Her fur is starting to fill in and she continues to grow. We look forward to seeing what she'll look like as she gets older.  We are so happy to have her in our lives.


Thank you for making our adoption of Hazel a breeze! Hazel is doing great. She was a little scared the day we brought her home, which is reasonable, but by the end of the day she was good. She loves my grandkids and she is so cuddly and sweet and very playful. So glad we got her. Thanks again!


Brody with FamilyBrodyBrody was the cutest little dog we first laid our eyes on. From the moment we met him we knew that he would be a perfect little guy to bring home with us. He is fun, playful and loving. He is enjoying his time outside, the different family members who spoil him and he has definitely stolen my kids' hearts. I assure you that Brody is in a loving home and will continue his years with us being loved and care for. Thank you for helping us bring Brody into our loving family.


ClydeClyde with friendClyde is doing very well. He is a very smart dog and quite well behaved. He has met my parent's and my aunt's dogs (seen in picture attached) and loved them both. We could barely get him to stop playing. He doesn't like it when either of us leaves a room as you can see in this picture.  It has only been a short time but neither of us could imagine life without this little guy.  Thank you for bringing us together.



FuzzyI just wanted to send you a quick update and some photos.  We have had Fin for going on two years now and he continues to make us proud every day.  He is such a wonderful member of our family and a daily joy.




GracieGracieI've renamed Darby, her new name is Gracie, and she is doing wonderful!  She is active and seems happy here in our home. She now gets along with my other cat, it didn't take long for them to become friends. They play a lot now and take naps together! I am including some photos of the two. We love her so much, and look forward to having her with us for a long, long time.



This beautiful girl is Hope. When she came to the shelter she was in extremely poor condition.

Hope Now

Hope Now

She was severely emaciated and had numerous injuries from dog bites. Some injuries were old and scarred, others were fresh and oozing. Hope was so underweight that she could barely walk. All her bones were visible under the skin. She was starved to the point that she was forced to feed off wires and plastic to survive.  After numerous visits with our veterinarian and constant care by our shelter staff for approximately 3 weeks, she had already gained 20lbs!  Despite her past, her wounds have healed and she has become the happy friendly dog she is meant to be. Hope has been adopted into loving and caring home and she continues to heal, gaining weight and is learning to be part of a family again. 


RiverRiverRiver has been a wonderful dog, he is excellent in the car, on the leash, off the leash, with others dogs and friendly towards people. He is settling in nicely. 





We adopted a kitten from your facility about two weeks ago, his new name is Muffin! He's a friendly and energetic kitten and brings lots of joy to our family.  Thank you!  The Korolev family.



LuckyAfter months of living at the shelter, Lucky has finally found his new home! He gets plenty of walks daily and even has a sister, a greyhound that was rescued a while back.





RogerI just wanted to let you know that Roger (formerly Louie) has settled into his new home.  He really took no time making himself at home. He loves to sit on the window sill and watch all the activity in the garden. We have let him take a wander outside with supervision. Thank you for all your help in adopting Roger.