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Periwinkle and Polly

PollyPeriwinkle and PollyThe girls have settled in quickly and are extremely energetic and lovable!  They are frequently playing and purring, and are extremely loved!  In fact, my grandparents are coming into town just to see them.

Periwinkle is definitely the one that likes to get Polly going and enjoys causing a bit of mischief at times! 

Polly has definitely come out of her shell quite a bit! I can't believe that she was pretty much hiding from us when we came to the shelter to meet them. You'd never know it now. Thanks again!


PearlJust wanted to send some pictures of Pearl and say thank you again for bringing Pearl and my Nana (and family) together. 

Pearl and my Nana are the best of friends. They are never one without the other and Pearl never leaves my Nana's side. Pearl is completely spoiled and steals everybody's heart! She is SO happy and most definitely found her forever home. We love Pearl so much.


BaileyIvy (now Bailey as named by my 8 year old) is doing awesome. She has fit right into our lives and found a place in our hearts. She is still being treated for her skin condition but it is well under control. We've been to one obedience class so far and have made great strides.

We brought her camping with us last weekend. She was a very well behaved lady and seemed to enjoy the outdoor vacation.

She is working on becoming friends with our guinea pigs and no longer wants to play with the "walking squeak toys" but is happy to watch them go about their business.

All in all, Bailey has become part of our family and is returning the love we have given her. We really did find the perfect furry family member!

One other note, friends of ours were very surprised when they saw we had adopted her as they had planned to do the same the day after we did! She was destined to be part of our lives it would seem!


MikaMika has been doing fantastic! He is so different now than he was in the shelter. At first he was very timid and would love covers but now he is very affectionate and playful. We like to think of him as a big kitten! Thank you for checking in and we are so glad to have found him and welcome him to our family!


MabelMabel's growing like a beast and is a handful of trouble, the way she should be :) Mocha and Bethoven (her new siblings) have now adjusted to her. She thinks she is the Queen of this castle!! Clair our daughter loves her to bits and is taking great care and responsibility for her which is a positive thing! Thanks again for giving us a chance.


CooperCopper's very happy, he's going to the groomers this weekend and getting his teeth and check up with the vet very soon. He's very relaxed and well-loved and he seems to love us too! He's adjusted very quickly and has made friends with most of our neighbourhood! We are so happy to have Copper as part of our family!


LilyLily is doing fantastic!  She has quite the personality!!!  We love her dearly and she has fit in perfectly!  Thanks for taking such good care of her.


GryffindorThank you for allowing us to adopt "Joey" who we've renamed Gryffindor. He is doing great and is a real sweetie pie and loves to play with his new sister!


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