Read about the wonderful new lives our animals have been given, thanks to their loving adoptive families, and send an email to share your own adoption success story with us.

Anakin’s has been fitting right in at home, and he certainly made himself comfortable!  He’s been great, especially during these times and we have zero complaints. Thanks for everything!



CharlotteAfter 4 months in the shelter, on May 4th, Charlotte found her forever home. Her mom told us this: “Getting her home was a breeze, she’s already joined me on my balcony and is content on the couch! After a few days in her new home she has already learned sit, stay, leave it, and back up.”



Ginger has come a long way since her adoption on April 1st. She is extremely affectionate and will wake me at night for petting. She enjoys being brushed and groomed. She has many toys and her favourite is the laser pointer. She is smart enough to know I control it and she will pull it off my nightstand to get me to play. Ginger also enjoys watching things on the iPhone and iPad and is beside me right now asking for affection. Thanks for allowing me to adopt her!


BarryBarry is doing great and he has grown a lot since I brought him home. I have had cats before, but I can say he is one of the best!


Hello. Just wanted to send an update on Harley.  He's doing amazing; he loves everyone he meets but most importantly he LOVES goats. When we open the door of the barn the goats holler and his eyes light up and his tail starts to wag! He is often torn as to if he should stand with us for pats or run to the goats and lick their faces! He's been a joy to have so far. We just love him. 
Harley  Harley

It’s been a year since we adopted Hunny. She is the sweetest dog, she loves everyone, including playing with our cat Lola.  We could not have asked for a better dog! She is smart but won’t play fetch (our goal this spring) she just wants us to chase her for the ball!! She also loves to swim, which is so fun to watch. Thank you for letting us adopt her!!


Kuvi spent the first couple of days investigating our home. She has picked out her favorite spots and really enjoys looking out the front window. At night she always sleeps at the foot of the bed. She really enjoys being around people. She is a wonderful cat. She is so playful and sweet.



Frisco was recently adopted though our virtual adoption process. The good news is everything is going amazing! Here is his update: “He loves to spend time with us and play with all of his toys. He is loving his forever home and the day we picked him up, we instantly fell in love with him. Regards, Alex & Zia”




Ryan was adopted though our virtual adoption process. His new mom says this: “What an amazing cat! Thank you so much for everything.”


TessieTessie is so loving and affectionate, I am very happy to have her as part of the family!



Angelo is a Peach Ring Neck Dove that was recently adopted. Prior to COVID-19, Angelo was our shelter bird and our staff would play with him on a daily basis and he would even bark if he heard a dog.  It was decided that due to our current circumstance Angelo would be better off in a home that could give him the attention he was longing for.  He was adopted into his new home a few weeks ago and is adjusting very well.



Eady was one of our kittens adopted during COVID-19.  Within a few days has been doing fantastic! He is so different now than he was in the shelter. At first he was very timid and would love covers but now he is very affectionate and playful. We like to think of him as a big kitten! Thank you for checking in and we are so glad to have found him and welcome him to our family!


2019 Success Stories

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