Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex

1867 Valley Farm Road, Pickering, ON L1V 3Y7

Located south of Kingston Road, and north of Pickering Parkway; west of Brock Road and east of Liverpool Road.

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Front Entrance is off of Valley Farm Road, parking on the west and north side of the building

The East and West Salon Banquet Halls are side by side and can be accessed through the front door on Valley Farm Road, or the north-west side door. The banquet halls are often used for community events and the event organizer may request that you enter from the exterior Banquet Hall doors.

CHD Recreation Complex Arena

If you are attending an arena event, drive to the rear parking lot, accessible from Diefenbaker Court, or via the service road in the parking zone north of the building.

Use Rear Entrance

Parking on the east side of the building off Diefenbaker Court

  • Ice Rinks
  • O'Brien Meeting Rooms