The Pickering Anti-Black Racism Taskforce (PABRT) is a committee of Council appointees who work in partnership with the Pickering community, Durham-based organizations, businesses, stakeholders, and the City to:

  • Identify barriers and areas of opportunity, in order to enhance the shared experience and opportunities afforded to Black residents,
  • Identify and coordinate opportunities for stakeholder and community engagement,
  • Provide expert input and action on matters relating to the provision of anti- Black racism initiatives within the community; and,
  • Celebrate and promote the Black community, and promote Black culture.

Terms of Reference

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Floyd Heath, Chair

Floyd Heath, Secretary

Top three accomplishments:

  • Completing Masters degree in Urban Planning
  • Starting my own Real Estate Planning & Development Company (Icosahedron) which will focus on affordable housing development. 
  • Becoming a member of PABRT.

My Message:

To be a positive agent  for measurable change to my family & community and  be an agent of positive change in the upliftment of my people. "To lift as I rise".


Soccer, Running, and Reading

Odessa Grignon, Vice Chair

Odessa Grignon, Secretary

Top three accomplishments:

  • Mother
  • Nurse
  • Educator

My Message:

I am always hopeful: but when it concerns the topic of racism, you must do more than hope change will come!


Reading, camping/hiking and a good gathering.

Andrea Davis, Treasurer

Andrea DavisTop 3 accomplishments:

  • My beautiful Family: 3 wonderful children and a handsome grandson.
  • Winning the Executive Directors Excellence in Leadship Award at work.
  • Completing a Recognition of Achievement in Excellence in Educating Adults.

My Message:

I stand for: truth accountability and integrity.


My hobbies include writing short stories, reading books on historical events and taking long nature walks.

Zhora Adatia

Zhora AdatiaTop three accomplishments:

Continual involvement in the Durham Catholic School System as a parent representative, spearheading the creation of the Pride Committee at work, planned and organized Black History Month events since 1995 to present and have had the honour of hosting speakers such as honourable Jean Augustine

My Message:

A community builder who works to advance the principles of a better world specifically for Black communities.  I hope to collaborate to shape the City of Pickering services to be responsive to the needs of Black residents in the City of Pickering.


Retired runner turned avid walker.

Claudia Farinha

Top Three Accomplishments:

I taught from grades 3 to 12, children who were deaf, learning disabled, ESL and then I became a high school administrator.

My Message:

I believe it is time for us to address and speak up about systemic discrimination in all areas of our society


I enjoy travelling, reading, listening to music and yoga.

Andrew Fraser

Andrew FraserTop three accomplishments:

  • 1st person in my family to complete post-secondary education.
  • Organized the 1st & only Black Networking Event for the Raptors 905 & MLSE.
  • Facilitated a service-learning trip to Ecuador with 27 kids from North America.

My Message:

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.


My hobbies include travelling, being physically active and live events (especially concerts!!!).

Ebony Gittens

Ebony GittensTop three accomplishments:

  • Being a mom to an awesome daughter
  • Graduating from the University of Toronto while working full time and parenting full time
  • Defining my career by making an impact on improving equity personal development and the growth of those around me

My Message:

If you can do anything to help someone else improve their quality of life, that's the thing you should endeavour to do. That's what makes a lasting impact.


  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Travelling
  • Having great conversations while eating great food!

Kenisha Hanson

Kenisha HansonTop three accomplishments:

  • Obtaining my MSc in Forensic Psychology
  • Becoming a Senior Policy Analyst for the Mental Health Secretariat
  • Joining the OPS Coaching Consortium

My Message:

Through PABRT I hope to promote equity, amplify Black voices, and contribute to the systemic change needed to uplift our community.

“Our purpose on earth is not to get lost in the dark but to be a light to others so that they may find the way through us”.


Yogic philosophy, travel, outdoor summer activities.

Joshua Heath

Joshua HeathTop three accomplishments:

  • Graduating with Honours from Seneca College and successfully entering the University of Toronto to pursue majors in both Criminology & Sociolegal Studies and Sociology
  • Elected as Co-Director of Career Opportunities for the Undergraduate Sociology Students Union
  • Assisted in the planning and execution of the PABRT's Open Mic Night.

My Message:

New ideas with experienced advice is a great way to start solving old problems.


  • Making and listening to music
  • Drawing
  • Reading, Writing

Nicola HepburnNicola Hepburn

Nicola holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Toronto (Canadian Politics / Public Policy) with her dissertation focused on the development of Ontario’s research and innovation policy.

She is also an alumnus of the Ontario Legislature Internship Program (OLIP) and the OPS’ Advancing Into Management (AIM) Program.

A strong proponent of lifelong learning and practice both in and outside of the classroom.

Nicola is currently pursing a Certificate in Project Management and is looking forward to leveraging the full breadth of her policy and project management skills to identify and action opportunities in support of the Taskforce.

Born in Canada and raised in the Bahamas, Nicola is proud of her rich heritage.

Kim Lopez

Kim LopezTop three accomplishments:

  • Obtained Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) certificate and helped to build corporate DEI strategic plans to promote action and change.
  • Participated in mentorship and tutoring programs for GTA elementary school.
  • Supporting my children to navigate life's experiences and build resilience.

My Message:

We must embrace and not tolerate diversity and equity. The path to diversity begins with creating opportunities for diverse people to become leaders through support and mentorship.


Reading, basketball and enjoying the company of my loved ones.

Norman Sinclair

Norman SinclairTop three accomplishments:

  • Husband and father to 3 girls
  • One of the founding member of Camp Jumoke (Sickle Cell Association of Ontario) 
  • Provided HSSE (Health Safety Security Environment) and project management expertise to the 2015 Pan Am & ParaPan Am Games, under the leadership of Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS) and Emergency Management Ontario (EMO)

My Message: 

Fairness, Equity & Community service

Meeting Schedule

The Taskforce will meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm.

2023 Meeting Dates

To be advised.

Agendas, Minutes and Video